Young Leaders In Cricket Programme

Flyer from 2023. Information still valid for 2024.

What is the Young Leaders In Cricket Programme?

In 2024, we will once again be participating in the Young Leaders In Cricket programme - it will be our 7th year as a club.

At SMCC, this programme is now targeted at Under 15s boys and girls (school year 10) only as part of our SMCC & 360 Cricket Junior Coaching Pathway, though Young Leaders is certainly not all about coaching, and indeed does not need to involve any coaching.

Young Leaders is a programme run by in many other clubs in the Kent region and which is now being promoted by Surrey Cricket Foundation as well. In 2023, the programme had over 300 participants. 

The programme gives teenagers the opportunity to develop useful life skills in the context of volunteering at their cricket club, for example:

In addition to attending sessions to learn about the above, players are required to do a minimum of 20 hours of volunteering

Flyer from 2023. Information still valid for 2024.

When and were are the training modules held?

There is normally online training taking place from February onwards and the face-to-Face modules are normally delivered mainly during the Easter holidays with dates also available in the May half term and summer holidays for anyone needing to complete the course.

The training is held at various cricket clubs across the Surrey and Kent regions. Modules are listed on the Young Leaders in Cricket website.

How do players sign-up?

Players and a parents are required to attend an initial information evening session (see dates here), at which the programme will be fully explained by one of the main organisers of the programme

Here is a link to the sign up form...

Slidepack (2022)

PDF of slides introducing the programme (2022). This is still a good overview of the programme, but please refer to the Young Leaders website for latest information.

Volunteering and fundraising - what can you do?

In previous years, Young Leaders have done this in many different ways, including:

Some new ideas to try in 2024:

But there are many other possibilities and creativity is very much encouraged. 

Your volunteering doesn't all have to be at the SMCC; it could also be at your school, for example

Parent volunteer required to coordinate

Each year we need at least one volunteer from the parents of the players taking part to help as follows:

And lastly, this year's volunteers should be willing to do a handover to next year's volunteers in a year's time.

Without these volunteers, we will be unable to support the programme.

Programme cost

The course costs £70.

Players are asked to fundraise an additional £60 each as part of the programme to contribute to the costs of the course modules.

What happens after the course?

At the end of the course, all of the Young Leaders are usually invited to a celebratory evening at Lord's Cricket Ground, which is attended by hundreds of Young Leaders from across the region.

Who runs the programme? Is it run for profit?

The Young Leaders programme is led by two amazing volunteers named Chris and Andy (you'll see Chris in the video above), who started the whole programme a few years ago. They dedicate many, many hours per year to organising and running the programme - not for profit; just for the love of seeing teenage cricketers enjoy learning new skills, having the opportunity to give something back to their clubs and communities, and feeling confident about the transition into senior cricket.