Spond app (how to use)

What is Spond?

Spond is the app that we use for:

Here's how to get started...

Step 1: Complete the club's player registration form

Go to this link to sign up:

If you already use Spond with another club, we recommend using the same email address, as this will mean you will be able to see both clubs at the same time in the Spond app.


*Team managers need to fill in the form again for themselves, picking the “I want to become a member” option. This is so we have a profile based on your name that we can grant the team manager role to. 

The system should send you an email to confirm receipt of your registration request.

Step 2: SMCC will approve your registration

The system requires us to approve your registration before you are able to complete step 4.

We will approve registrations periodically - roughy once a week at less busy times of the year, and probably at least once per day during the busiest sign-up periods.

The system should send you an email when we approve your request (see Step 4).

If you have not received an email within a reasonable timeframe, please email us at smcccolts@gmail.com (don’t Whatsapp us - email allows our admin team to work through messaged more methodically based on the order they arrive, reducing the chance of any messages not being replied to).

Step 3: Create a Spond account in the Spond app (required in order to book and pay for summer)

You must do this in addition to filling in the sign-up form in Step 1 before attempting to pay for the summer, or you will get an error message when using the summer booking form. 

Use the same contact details that you used in Step 1.

We recommend using the iOS or Android app, as it seems to be easier to use than the browser-based version. 

The app will prompt you for a "group code" but ignore this. We do not use group codes. 

We will be adding children to squad groups from our end, in batches, once we have sufficient bookings. 


Step 4: Book & pay for the summer

2024 summer term booking phases:

Step 5: Book and pay for your children 


The system should send you a receipt by email.

Step 6: SMCC will add your children to squad groups

Club admins will periodically add paid-for children to squad groups.

Once your child has been added to a group, you will then see that squad appear in the Spond app (or on the browser-based version of Spond - see link above).

If you are a team manager, we will also grant your personal profile team manager rights at this stage. You will then be able create and edit fixtures.

In some cases, you will see two squads - for example Girls U10s (Surrey league) and Girls U10-11s (Kent league).

Step 7: SMCC will add fixtures once we have them from leagues

Once we have fixtures from the leagues, we will ask team managers to add them. 

Fixtures from the Surrey league are likely to be available substantially earlier than the Kent league fixtures. 


I get an error saying "Could not generate payment" when I try to pay

This is probably because you have gone straight from the sign-up form to the course booking form without creating a Spond account. Please follow the steps above.

If I just want to be on your mailing list, do I need to register and download the Spond app?

Please sign up. We intend to replace LoveAdmin, which we currently use for mailing list functionality, with Spond. You do not need to download the app if you just want to be on our mailing list. If we send out a message and you don’t have the app installed, you should be sent an email instead.

Will the club still be using Teamo for senior cricket?

Yes, senior cricket (and Development Squad) will continue to use Teamo.

Will we still have Whatsapp groups per squad?

Yes, and we use this as our primary means to communitate infomration once squads are established, however key messages will be duplicated in Spond, for the small number of parents who do not use Whatsapp. If you do not have the Spond app installed, you will receive the message from Spond by email instead. 

Does the club pay for Spond?

Yes. Spond is funded by taking a small percentage of the fees that we pay.

Should I upload a photo of my child?

Photos make it much easier for team managers to remember who is who, so we encourage this. 

The Spond app asks for a "group code" so do I need one?

No. Rather than provide group codes, we add players to groups as administrators, as that enables us to ensure that only paid-for players are included in squads, and that all players are in the correct squads.

What is the Fundraising feature in the Spond app for?

We don’t have any plans to use this feature at present.

Can I opt out of using Spond?

Opting out of using Spond will create substantial extra admin for club admins and team managers, so we very strongly encourage you to use Spond. If you have any concerns about using Spond, please feel free to discuss these with us. 

Have another question? 

Please contact us.