Where to buy

Where should I buy clothing and kit?

You are not obliged to buy kit from any particular supplier, but SMCC club clothing is available from AJ Sports in Clapham. AJ also sponsor the junior and senior Surrey leagues.

SMCC is sponsored by Cook & Matthews Sport, which is in Chislehurst.

These two local businesses are our nearest bricks-and-mortar shops that have a substantial selection of cricket kit. Please do support them both if you like being able to try things for size and fit.

Second hand kit

We sometimes have a limited amount of second hand kit available for purchase that has been donated to the club and at the start of the season we will probably again be holding a 'bring and buy' sale of kit and clothing. For parents on a low income, we can often offer some of this second hand kit for free or low prices.

It is of course also worth trying sites such as eBay for second hand kit. 

Local shops

Some local shops that sell junior cricket clothing/kit (for information only; not an endorsement):

Online retailers

Some reputable online retailers that have been operating for a number of years: