Social events

Reduced social calendar in 2020

In 2020 we will have a reduced social calendar. We will not be serving food on training evenings and we do not expect to be able to attend a professional cricket match. Below are details of the kinds of social events that we usually run in a normal year.

Summer training evenings with barbecue and bar

Every weekly training night was an event at SMCC in 2018. We fired up the barbecue and opened the bar every Friday evening, and it was a fun occasion for parents, sibling and players. We hope to continue this new tradition in 2019 on Friday evenings and occasional Tuesday evenings. We may need a few more of the parents to get involved in helping, but we're pretty sure you'll be up for it. Training evening were so much fun last year that, by word of mouth, we started getting up to twenty new players per week and didn't have enough coaches to accept so many new players. In 2019 we're preparing to welcome even more new players and ensure we have enough coaches at every session.

Once training finishes at the end of the summer term, we continue on Friday evenings through the summer holidays, with parent-run matches between our own players.

Trips to watch a Surrey T20 match at the Oval

For the last two years, though out affiliation with Surrey, we've been able to take around 100 players and parents to watch a Surrey T20 match at the Oval on a Sunday afternoon. For many players, it has been their first experience of watching live, professional cricket.

End of season awards day

For the last three years, we have also run an awards day, which usually starts with our players playing lots of fun games of cricket, moves on to a barbecue, bake sale and raffle, and ends with a celebration of the season, with team managers giving short speeches about the highlights of their team's year, every player getting a medal, many players getting 'highly commended' certificates and around 4 players per age-group being presented with trophies for being the star players of the year. Awards are given not just for performance, but also for effort, improvement, training and playing in the spirit of cricket and sometimes for other special reasons as judged by team managers.