Who's who

Daniel Forman (right)

Chair of Junior Cricket

David Cook

Lead Administrator of Junior Cricket

Robbie Gunn

Co-Owner & Head Coach,

360 Cricket

Lloyd Edwards

Co-Owner & Head Coach, 360 Cricket

Key people who help to run our juniors

  • Daniel Forman - Chair of Junior Cricket
  • David Cook - Lead Administrator of Junior Cricket - organisation, management and admin across our junior cricket programme
  • Tracey Pink - Junior membership secretary (LoveAdmin administrator)
  • Graham Snowdon - Junior fixtures secretary
  • Miranda Zaltzman - TeamStuff app administrator
  • Vik Kapil - Junior email inbox administrator
  • Robbie Gunn & Lloyd Edwards - Head coaches and co-owners of 360 Cricket (paid)
  • Eileen de Ruyter (Club Pavilion Manager) (paid)

We are always looking for more volunteers to get involved. If you are keen to help, please drop us a line at smcccolts@gmail.com

The positions of Chair of Junior Cricket and Junior Cricket Representative are voted on at the club's annual general meeting, which is normally in autumn and which we encourage parents and juniors who play in senior cricket to attend.

Team managers (2019)

Junior cricket at all clubs relies on parents to organise, umpire, score and so on. There are usually 2-3 particularly keen parents per age-groups but we need ideally 4-5 parents involved, so that there can be rotation and cover for holidays, illness etc. If you're not sure how to do any of those things, we can of course show you the ropes, and most parents get the hand of it all very quickly.

Girls (Under 9s / Under 11s)

Currently David Cook (07952036008 / dcook@atomaction.co.uk) but new team managers to be found

Under 8s

Bruce Haines, Stuart Head + others TBC in 2019

Under 9s

Noel Craven, Jim Carrick-Birwell, Olly Bale, Scott Campbell

Under 10s

David Cañadas, Jenny Kay, James Dutson, David Cook

Under 11s

Rob Kennard, Tim Kittoe + more team managers needed in 2019

Under 12s

Nazia Hussain, Micky Lachman, Russell Mueller, Olly Bale

Under 13s

Oliver Taylor, Tim Kittoe - 07553808185 + more team managers needed in 2019

Under 14s

Alex Capstick - 07809 597783 / alexcapstick1961@gmail.com, Danny Forman - 07703 805349 / dannyforman@hotmail.com

Under 16s

Omar Khan - 07764299902 / omar@khanconsulting.co.uk, Pete Dodds - 07801 434114 / petetdodds@gmail.com

What do our (volunteer) Team Managers do?

A lot! Team managers are parents who volunteer their time to organising everything necessary to make matches happen. Please show your appreciation for the many unpaid hours that all of our volunteers put in every week, treat them with respect, and offer to help.

We are looking for more parents to get involved. Please contact us on smcccolts@gmail.com or talk to us at training.