Teams, match times and formats 

Our Boys Under 12s of 2017 show off an impressive scoreboard

2024 teams

Our squads and league entries will be discussed and agreed with team managers in the autumn, once we have information from leagues with regard to the divisions that will be available.

Playing conditions for Surrey Junior Championship

See the Documents section on the Surrey Junior Championship area on the Play Cricket website

Playing conditions for North Kent Junior League

See the North Kent Junior League Handbook 2023 - version 2 updated 10 May 2023 (PDF)

2024 teams

Match days given are generally true for league games, though there can be alterations and in addition to league games, there will also be cup games (generally weekday evenings) and friendlies (various days) running through to the end of August. 

Mixed squads

Girls' squads

Boys' squads*

*We call these boy's squads, but they play in leagues which welcome mixed teams and if girls prefer to play in these matches, that certainly is possible.

Where are matches held? 

We have two home pitches at SMCC. See our location page for details. Where we have more than two home matches on the same day or pitches are in use for training (which is most of the time), we rent other local pitches - in 2023 this was mainly Mayow Park, South Norwood Lake; and Peckham Rye Park. Away matches are generally in southern London and typically take anywhere between 5-45 minutes driving time to get to or from. 

I don't drive. Can anyone give us a lift to away matches?

If you don't have a car, don't worry. Other parents are always happy to give lifts and it just makes the journey to and from the game more fun for both parents and players. Just post a message in your squad's Whatsapp group, giving your address. It is extremely rare that anyone struggles to get to a match.