Data protection

How we protect your data

  • We only collect data that we genuinely need
  • We share personal data only with the minimum number of people who need access to it in order to run the activities of the club
  • We won't store your data longer than we need it
  • You have the right to request to see what data we hold about you

Sharing your data with our coaching service partners, 360 Cricket

SMCC and 360 Cricket work in partnership and as such need to share the data that you provide about yourself and your children.

We will share your data with 360 Cricket in order for them to run coaching sessions safely and appropriately and for them to keep you informed about junior cricket camps that they are running.

360 Cricket will share your details with us for the purposes of running junior cricket at the club safely and appropriately and for us to keep you informed about junior cricket at the club.

We both take you privacy seriously and will never share your data with any other parties without your consent unless required to do so by law.

Who else we share your data with

Some of the data that we request is shared with appropriate governing bodies such as the Surrey Cricket Foundation or the England & Wales Cricket Board. For example, we share with them anonymised data on numbers of players, genders, ages and ethnicity (if you have chosen to provide that data) so that they can better understand who is playing cricket and how well they are doing at raising participation. This is a requirement of our Clubmark accreditation.

Digital services we use

We use the following services:

  • Google Drive - We use this for storing most documents, including player and parent details, with access restricted to a minimal number of people
  • LoveAdmin (mailing list, registration database, payments) - this is the system that we use for capturing your registration data, emailing you, and for processing summer membership payments. Payments fo r
  • TeamStuff - We use this free app for you to give your players' availability and for team managers to communicate which players have been selected. We ask you to upload your contact details so that other parents including team managers will be able to contact you on match days, and we ask you to upload profile photos so that team managers and other parents will be able to 'put a name to a face' which greatly helps with selection and with generally getting to know each other. It is also used for sending group messages, and you can upload photos with the other parents in your team (see below).
  • Whatsapp - We use this popular messaging app for communicating between various groups of parents. This app makes communication much, much easier than text messages or emails. You can also share photos, videos and other documents (see below).
  • The club's facebook group - We encourage parents to join this group (which covers senior players as well as junior) and to follow the group in order to see match reports. This will be our primary place to post match updates and reports, rather than the newsletter, as compiling them into a weekly newsletter is slow and very time consuming. It's more fun to get the results in real time. It is a public group (all posts can be read without needing to be a member) and like our website, acts as a 'shop window' for potential joiners to see we are a thriving and friendly club. Please be sensible about what you post to this group (see section on sharing photos and videos below)
  • The club's twitter account - We use this much more rarely, but might on occasions (with permission) post about a team or individual, if we have something to celebrate. Again, if you object to any posts, please let us know and we will remove them.
  • The club's Instagram account - Used similarly to our Twitter account.

Sharing photos and videos

Please only take and share photos and videos if you have permission from those in the photos, unless children are not personally identifiable in the photos (they are in the distance or looking away from the camera).