Teamo (how to use)

Spond is replacing Teamo for junior cricket (but not for senior cricket)

We are replacing Teamo with Spond for junior cricket.

Our senior squads (and our Development Squad and Under 19s squad) will continue to use Teamo, at least for 2023. 

What is Teamo?

Teamo is the free app that we use for senior cricket:

I've used Teamo at SMCC already for either myself or my child (playing in senior cricket). What should I do?

I've not used Teamo at SMCC before. How do I register?

Setting up

Setting up parent and child profiles

Be sure to select the option to set up profiles for yourself and your child(ren). 

Should I add photos and contact details?

Yes, please. 

Adding a photo of yourself and of your child(ren) as this will make it much easier for the other parents acting as team managers to match names to faces when picking teams.

Adding your contact details will make them available to other parents in your child's team, which is very helpful because although we also have Whatsapp groups, it may not be easy to match names to phone numbers in those groups. Sharing your contact details will ensure that there are always multiple people in the team who can contact you should there be any need to do so. Please enter your email address as well as your mobile number.

Can I add a second parent?

Yes. How to add a second parent to a child is explained here.

Where can I find more help on how to use Teamo?

See Teamo Support. Please try this first before asking the SMCC junior admins for help.

Is Teamo free?

It is free for parents and player. The club pays a monthly fee to use the app.