Code of Conduct & parental expectations at training & matches

SMCC Code of Conduct for Juniors

As a junior member, I promise to...

Behave as teachers would expect you to behave at school, basically.

Have fun

  • Train and play cricket in a spirit of fun
  • Try to make cricket fun for everyone involved
  • Treat others equally, whatever is their age, gender, disability, looks, social background, nationality, religious beliefs, love life, parent/family status, etc - cricket is for everyone!
  • Stay safe (for example, always wear a helmet for batting and keeping close to the stumps, and always follow instructions from coaches)

Work hard

  • Arrive on time and remember my kit
  • Give 100% effort during training and matches (whether winning or losing)
  • Try to practise and learn about cricket outside of training sessions and matches (read some books, watch some cricket on TV or YouTube and so on)
  • Work as hard for the team as for myself

Be good

  • Play within the rules
  • Respect (don’t argue with) coaches, team managers, umpires, scorers and other players
  • Be nice, kind and polite to everyone at all times
  • Not do anything illegal while at the club or while representing the club
  • Report any bullying or unequal treatment of another player to an appropriate adult

Code of Conduct for Parents

As a parent/guardian, I promise to...

  • Help all players to ‘have fun, work hard, be good’ (school behaviour, essentially - see above) and set a good example of this myself at all times
  • Volunteer at least a few hours each year to help with the running of the club in some way. Like most cricket clubs, we are a non-profit and apart from coaches and bar staff, no-one gets paid. The club functions only by members volunteering their time and we need everyone to pitch in to help.
  • Respect coaches, team managers, umpires and scorers
  • Ensure my players have any medication that they need and that they know how to use it (for example, asthma inhaler, EpiPen) or not leave my child at the club
  • Pay fees on time and ensure my player(s) have the kit they need
  • Attend training and matches as often as possible to support my player and the team
  • Encourage and praise players for effort, development, teamwork and good social skills as much as performance; never punish or belittle any player for losing or making mistakes
  • Never force a player to take part in sport
  • Never encourage or allow any illegal behaviour (such as underage drinking)
  • Ensure any guests that I bring to the club also adhere to this code of conduct
  • Report any signs of bullying, discrimination or abuse to the club’s Welfare Officer or police
  • Avoid entering toilets, changing rooms or a vehicle alone with a junior player other than children in my care

Full information about club policies including child protection, equality, photographs and transport are also available on a notice board in the clubhouse.

Additional notes - training

  • On training day, if the weather forecast suggests rain or our coaches think the ground is likely to be too wet and slippery for training to take place, we will send you a message to let you know.
  • Always ensure your child gets signed-in on arrival before doing anything else. Never leave a child with us if we do not have your contact details and any medical & disability details about your child that coaches should be aware of. We expect you to provide updated details promptly when asked (normally once/year) and to let us know if your contact details change at any point during the year.
  • Between your child's training session starting, and the session finishing, you do not have to stay at the ground, but outside of those times your child is your responsibility. You’re very welcome to stay and watch, and many parents do. Chairs are available. The pavilion will be open for access to toilets.
  • Make sure both you and your kids have warm layers to put on, as it can get chilly late in the evening at the club on occasions.
  • Insect repellent is good to have on hand, as in some areas of the grounds there can be biting insects that come out in the evenings.
  • Ensure your players have some water in a bottle, or purchase a soft drink for them from the bar. Players will normally always be given a chance to re-hydrate during the session.
  • In line with the policy of local primary schools, we are happy for players to make their own way to and from training sessions if:
    • They are in school year 5 or above
    • They have parental consent, which you have emailed to us at Please bear in mind that the club in on the very busy South Circular, and the junction between Lordship Lane and the South Circular does not have pedestrian crossing indicators (in spite of local residents and councillors having protested to TfL for several years about this being dangerous). It is recommended that any colts making their own way to the grounds cross at one of the other crossings nearby which do have pedestrian crossing indicators.

Additional notes - matches

  • On match days, which are managed by volunteer team managers (parents/guardians) and for senior matches by captains, we do expect at least one parent/guardian to try to stay so that you can ensure the welfare of your child. The kids also love to have your support! However, if for valid reasons you’re unable to stay, please ensure that your Team Manager or captain is aware and is happy to be responsible for your child.
  • For players up to U15, you must use an online system called TeamStuff to communicate player availability for matches, and to receive messages from Team Managers. If you are a new joiner, we will sent you an invite to use TeamSnap. If you’re still waiting and thing you should have received an invite, email us at
  • For players U14s upwards playing in senior matches, to be considered for selection for matches, availability must be submitted by 5pm every Monday evening, stating availability to play on the following Saturday and Sunday. The easiest way of doing this is via a What's App group that we have, so ask us to be included in it. If you don't want to use What's App, ask and we'll give you other contact details. Availability for the Wednesday side should be by direct contact with the Wednesday captain - ask us for his contact details.
  • Be pro-active about helping on match-days, for example:
    • Take your turn in taking players to away games (lift-sharing).
    • Offer to help the Team Manager with all of the various tasks that need to be done on match days, such as putting out seats, putting out boundary flags, setting up the stumps, etc
    • Take your turn to provide refreshments
    • Volunteer to score and teach other parents how to score
    • Volunteer to umpire if you know the rules
    • Help ensure that team members waiting to bat are actively watching the game and supporting their team-mates
  • Always take litter with you / place it in the appropriate litter bins.
  • Help to maintain high standards of behaviour from the players at all times.