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Please think before you email

Like nearly all cricket clubs, emails to the address below are answered by parents of kids playing at the club who volunteer their time and are busy people like yourself with day jobs. Please browse or search this website for the information that you're looking for before emailing us. This website contains answers to nearly every question asked by parents and is updated regularly to ensure information is correct (if you do find a mistake or something missing, please let us know and we'll update it).

FAQs (please read before emailing)

  • Do we have space for your child? See the information here: How to join and pay
  • When is training? This varies depending on the time of year. For 2018 summer term times, see: Summer season
  • Where is the club? See Location
  • Are you running summer camps in the 2018 summer holidays? Yes, see: Summer holiday cricket camps
  • What equipment does my child need and where can I buy it? See the section on Equipment

Contact us (please read the above first)

Email: (please click the link or copy & paste to avoid typos)

This address is checked by several people and we normally respond within a few hours, but please bear in mind the club is run by volunteers, so there may be times when it takes a little longer.

How is best to refer a friend?

Please refer them initially to this website to read through the information rather than giving them our email address or the phone numbers of club officers. This will help reduce the workload on these volunteers.

What if I have a complaint or suggestion?

Please contact David Cook or Sally Keith, using or in person at the club.