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Safeguarding / welfare issues

If you witness, hear about, suspect, or are the victim of bullying, abuse, discrimination, harassment, neglect or similar issues happening at the club or happening to club members at home, you should “respond, record, and report”.

This means:

a) do not ignore it

b) write down an accurate record of the facts as best you know them

c) report what you know or suspect straight away to one of our two Safeguarding Officers, Liz Marin-Curtoud (07967552139) or Graham Voller (07830 355797) or 

Liz and Graham are our ECB-trained Safeguarding Officers, who work with the professional Safeguarding Officers at Surrey and at the ECB. Liz or Graham will be able to ensure that safeguarding/welfare issues are tackled appropriately.

If someone is in immediate danger, you should call the police.

Please think before you email and self-serve if possible

Like nearly all cricket clubs, emails to the address below are answered by parents of kids playing at the club who volunteer their time and are busy people like yourself with day jobs. Please browse or search this website for the information that you're looking for before emailing us. This website contains answers to nearly every question asked by parents and is updated regularly to ensure information is correct (if you do find a mistake or something missing, please let us know and we'll update it).

We always publish information to the website first

This website is always the first place where we publish new information about training courses, the summer term cricket season, summer camp and so on. If you can't find what you need on the website, it's almost certainly because we're still working on the details. Whenever we publish important new information, we then also communicate this to you. If you are a current parent and the information is relevant to current parents only, we normally use the Whatsapp groups. If the information if relevant to everyone, we will email everyone on our mailing list.

Answers to nearly all questions are somewhere on the website. 

If a parent asks a new question, we nearly always add the answer to the website. 

If you can't find the answer by browsing, try the search function; this site is made with Google Sites, so the search works pretty well.

Sign yourself up to our mailing list

If you want to be emailed when we release new information about upcoming training and summer cricket, please add yourself to our mailing list

Still want to contact us?

Email: (please click the link or copy & paste to avoid typos)

This address is checked by several people and we normally respond within a few days, and often within a few hours or even minutes depending on the nature of the enquiry, but please bear in mind the club is run by volunteers, so there may be times when it takes a little longer.

How is best to refer a friend?

Please send them the link to this website rather than giving them our email address or the phone numbers of club officers. This will help reduce the workload on these volunteers. At busy times of the year, text messages and Whatsapp messages sent to individuals can easily get lost, whereas emails sent to the shared inbox are must more likely to be answered.

What if I have a complaint or suggestion?

Please contact David Cook, Vik Kapl and Dan Forman, using or speak to an of us in person at the club. If you'd like to have a private conversation, let us know by email and one of us will be happy to talk to you.

If you want to complain about David, Vik or Dan, please see the club's main website for contact details of other members of the Executive Committee.