Our club policy is to aim to play a "competitive" team in every match, meaning that the team has a fair chance of winning if they play well, while having as much rotation of players as we can. We aim to provide all players with a good number of matches at a suitable level of challenge for them - so in addition to cup and league matches, we aim to play plenty of friendlies (which can be at a higher or lower level than league matches) and internal games which enable us to give as many players as possible with match time. Read more here: How we pick teams and how we run matches.

2023 highlights

234 boys and 92 girls played cricket at SMCC in the summer of 2023, in 16 squads and we played 242 junior matches. More juniors than ever before played numerous additional matches in senior cricket - 7 girls and 27 boys. Based on figures shared by Surrey Cricket Foundation for the 2022 season, we play more than twice as many junior games per player than the average Surrey club.

Across all squads, our teams lost slightly more league games that they won in 2023, however our teams were competing at a higher level than ever before. Between 2016-2019, our teams played in the lower tier while losing more matches than they won. In 2023, we had no league entries in the lower tier, the majority in the middle-tier, and three entries in the upper-tier.

Congratulations to the following squads, who won their league divisions:

A key factor in our squads' improved results was no doubt the high attendance at our our indoor training (around 70% of players) and the high attendance at Easter, half-term and summer camps (up to 70 players per day in the summer). Thanks must go to our wonderful coaching partners, 360 Cricket, for providing such engaging and effective coaching sessions. 

7 girls and 19 boys - up from 16 in total in 2022 - played in county or district performance squads with Surrey, Kent or Middlesex Schools.

Keep up the great work, SMCC Juniors.

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