Using the nets

Use of the club's nets during the COVID-19 restrictions

We are re-opening our nets, but with risk reduction measures in place. Please see the Rules of nets usage during COVID-19 restrictions for full details.

Below are our standard rules of nets usage.

Can we use the nets outside of the scheduled junior training times?

Yes, current members of the club are welcome and are encouraged to practice in the club's practice nets, if used in accordance with the following rules and guidelines:

Healthy and safety

  • Usage of the nets outside of coached sessions are at your own risk.
  • Ensure you supervise your children and you ensure they follow use the nets safely.
  • We recommend avoiding use of the nets when wet, as the matting and grassy area of the bowler's follow-through becomes very slippery and if you slip up, you'll be landing essentially straight onto on a concrete base.
  • Groundsmen may be working with dangerous machinery such as lawnmowers and chemicals such as weedkiller, and may need to leave these items unattended at times. Children must be kept well clear of any such dangerous items. This is your responsibility, not that of the groundsmen.
  • Dogs are allowed at the club but must be kept under control and on a lead at all times.
  • Insect repellent is a good idea in the evenings as biting insects come out in the evenings
  • Do not use the nets in the dark, under the influence of alcohol, etc - always think safety first.

Who can use the nets

  • The nets are for members only. It is fine to bring one or two friends to practice with, but no big groups of non-members.
  • No paid private coaching sessions without an agreed financial contribution being made to the club for use of the facilities (see our contact details in the footer of the page)

Use of club equipment

  • Do not attempt to move the batting cages from the practice nets area, or alter the nets in any way.
  • It's fine to use club stumps (there will usually be some in the scorer's box - the 'cupboard with a window' on the corner of the main clubhouse), but stumps must be put away after use to avoid them being stolen. Sets of stumps cost in the region of £40 each. Do not leave stumps in the nets.

Times to avoid

  • 4-9pm Tuesdays and Friday - junior training.
  • 6-9pm Thursdays - senior (men's and women's) training.
  • 11am-1pm Saturdays and Sundays - seniors warm up for their afternoon matches.
  • Ad hoc private hirings - the grounds are usually hired for private functions and matches a few times per year. If there is a private hire match going on, the people who hired the pitch take priority if they want to use the nets, though this is rarely an issue in practice)

Unlocking and locking the car park gate

  • The code for the combination lock on the car park gate is for current members only (we will let you know the code upon joining and you can contact us if you have forgotten it). We will change the code periodically.
  • Do not tell anyone the code. If someone doesn't know the code who you think should know it, ask them to contact us.
  • If you are the last to leave the club (or even if you're not sure and think you might be the last to leave the club) you must shut the car park gate and lock the combination lock (spinning the numbers to a random number). This is very important to avoid problems such as rubbish and abandoned vehicles being dumped in our car park, or travellers setting up camp on the pitch (which happens to cricket and other sports club on a regular basis, with it often taking several weeks for them to then leave).

Usage of grass areas

  • Usage of the outfield is fine, as long as the ground is firm (usage when very wet and soft can result in an uneven playing surface when it dries out).
  • There must be no usage at all of the 'squares' - the central areas of each pitch where the grass is cut shorter which are used as wickets for matches.