Club badged shirts and caps

In 2018 we started selling club badged shirts and caps. They are not mandatory, but they were very good value at £15 for a shirt and cap set due to contributions from our fantastic sponsors:

  • The best restaurant in East Dulwich, the Mirash Tandoori
  • Local renovation, building and decoration experts, Brown Building (owned and run by one of our dads, so ask for details)

We know that kids love to wear club kit, so we would like to see players playing matches in club kit if possible.

They will be on sale at summer training. In 2018 they proved very popular.

What other clothing is suitable for training and matches?

For training, clothing suitable for outdoor sport such as a tracksuit, trainers and t-shirts are fine. It is generally best to wear clothing that covers the legs and elbows, as this helps to protect from grazes while fielding and batting. Many players like to wear whites for training, which being designed for cricket are comfortable to wear, but this is optional.

Most younger players don't get much benefit from spiked cricket shoes, but they do help prevent slips when the grass is wet. We certainly recommend them for teenagers.

If players who also represent district/county teams or London Schools, we would prefer them to wear plain or SMCC badged clothing when training and playing at SMCC if possible.