Our fun-first ethos

In 2016, our admins and team managers met and discussed the many things that could be done to take the junior section forward. Central to this discussion was considering “what do we want to be known for”? 

We would not be the highest performing club, the cheapest, or the club with the best facilities, but it was decided that we could aim to be the most fun

Every time we make a decision, we aim to ask ourselves “Which of the options will create the most fun?” and we consider not just the players, but also parents, coaches, administrators and other clubs that we play against.

There are many factors involved in sport being fun, but some of the key one that we consider are:

The following infographic shows just how many different factors are involved in making sport as much fun as possible. We believe the way we run things is very well aligned to all of these factors, but we're always looking to improve further and feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

This infographic is respectfully borrowed from research carried out by Amanda J. Visek, PhD.

Surrey junior league values & behaviours

In 2023, the Surrey Junior Cricket Championship (the league in which we play most of our junior matches) launched a Surrey-wide initiative to promote a shared set of Values & Behaviours.

The three key values are:

For more detail, you can watch the league webinar on this topic on YouTube.