Teamo (how to use)

Teamo has replaced TeamStuff.

What is Teamo?

Teamo is the free online service (website and smartphone app) that we use for you to:

  • View details of your child's fixtures (date & time, location and any special info such as where to park)

  • Set your child's availability for each game

  • See which players have been selected

  • Receive notifications when details of games are changed

Who is it for?

Use Teamo if your child is a paid-for member of the club for the upcoming summer term.

We do not use Teamo for indoor training in the autumn or spring terms, or for camps.

I've used Teamo at SMCC already for either myself or my child (playing in senior cricket). What should I do?

  1. Log into Teamo

  2. Open the menu

  3. Select "My Profile"

  4. Tap on the "Add" button next to an image of a family.

  5. Select "Add child"

  6. Complete the registration form.

  7. You may need to log out and log back in again for the changes to take effect.

I've not used Teamo at SMCC before. How do I register?

  1. Go to the registration form

  2. Accept Teamo's terms & conditions

  3. Select "Junior Registration Form"

  4. Follow the instructions to enter player and parent details.

Setting up

Setting up parent and child profiles

Be sure to select the option to set up profiles for yourself and your child(ren).

Should I add photos and contact details?

Yes, please.

Adding a photo of yourself and of your child(ren) as this will make it much easier for the other parents acting as team managers to match names to faces when picking teams.

Adding your contact details will make them available to other parents in your child's team, which is very helpful because although we also have Whatsapp groups, it may not be easy to match names to phone numbers in those groups. Sharing your contact details will ensure that there are always multiple people in the team who can contact you should there be any need to do so. Please enter your email address as well as your mobile number.

Can I add a second parent?

Yes. How to add a second parent to a child is explained here.

Team managers

Parents who have volunteered to help organise and run matches are known as 'team managers'.

If you are a team manager, you'll need a Teamo admin to give you "Manager" permissions in Teamo. Put a message in the Team Managers Whatsapp group to request this.

When a parent is set (by the admin) to 'manager' status, he or she can do the following:

  • Edit match details (dates, times, venues and other details)

  • Edit availability of all players in the team (normally team managers should only use this to 'roster off' unselected players) per match

  • Send messages to the team (though What's App is often a better option)

Where can I find more help on how to use Teamo?

See Teamo Support. Please try this first before asking the SMCC junior admins for help.

Is Teamo free?

It is free for parents and player. The club pays a monthly fee to use the app.

Troubleshooting tips

I can't see my child when inputting availability

Log out and log in again.

I've been made a "Manager" but nothing seems to have changed.

Log out and log in again.

Trouble getting Teamo to accept your phone number or email address

Check you've not entered it into your child's profile. Teamo won't let you enter the same on both. The fields are optional on your child's profile and can be left blank there.