Summer season training

2020 summer term

Regarding spaces available for the summer of 2020, our policy last year was that we had a limit of 25 players per squad and we had a period of about 1 month, in Dec/Jan, in which returners from the previous year, along with players booked into our indoor training courses, were able to book their children in ahead of the general public. We expect to follow a similar or the same process this year.

We are likely to finalise details of the 2020 summer term during the spring term of 2020. We expect things to be broadly similar to 2019, so for now you can read our 2019 information below to get an idea of what to expect.

We are currently running autumn and spring term indoor training and our partners 360 Cricket will also be running cricket camps during most school holiday periods.

A summer training session, outdoors on the lower pitch at our home ground.

2019 summer season training details

Summer season training runs from just after the Easter holidays until shortly before the summer holidays.

Times and locations are similar to last year, but please read the plan carefully as we have made some changes.

Full details are in the Google document embedded in the page below. You can click on the doc below or click here to open it as a Google Doc. Please read through the details before booking, to make sure you book into the most beneficial course for your child.

2019 SMCC Summer Training Details for Parents

What is a typical training session like?

Training sessions generally follow the ECB’s recommended best practice, for example for U6-U8s, a session might look like this:

  1. Short, highly active warm-up (e.g. a team-based throwing/catching game)
  2. Focused demonstration and practice on learning and practising 1-2 particular skills (e.g. driving at a ball placed on a tee)
  3. Using the skill in a more varied, more game-like, but still controlled practice activity (e.g. players work in pairs; one feeds the ball for the other to practice driving)
  4. Match-like activity (e.g. two teams playing competitive ‘tip and run’ cricket with bonus runs for hitting the ball straight - i.e. driving)
  5. Cool-down and recap/evaluation talk from coach

However, sessions tend to be tailored to the needs of the players attending, and will be varied to keep them interesting.

What skills will players learn at outdoor training?

Outdoor training in the summer has a focus on developing players' understanding of how to play the game as a team - the rules, calling and running between the wickets, working as a team in the field and tactics and decision-making depending on the match situation. Indoor training over the winter and spring has a focus on developing individual players' skills - bowling, batting, catching, throwing and keeping wicket. However, both indoor and outdoor training will cover core all skills and will incorporate game-based practice.

Even in the youngest age groups, we aim to teach all of the players a full range of cricket skills. By the end of a full course, new players are typically able to play a recognisable game of cricket in which they are bowling, batting, calling, running, keeping wicket and fielding. Coaches will usually focus on one or two key skills per session, gradually covering a full range of skills over the course. New players also pick up much of their understanding of the game by watching and copying their more experienced squad-mates. Of course, the more cricket that players play, the more skilled they will become. Cricket is a fairly easy game to learn, but a difficult game to truly master.

Cancellation of outdoor training due to rain / wet ground

In summer, outdoor training is be cancelled when it is not possible to enjoyably and safely train on grass - i.e. due to rain/high winds and/or the ground is wet and slippery. We aim to let you know as quickly as possible when we know that training needs to be cancelled. We use the What’s App messaging app as our primary means of communicating this to you. There is a What's App group for parents in each age-group, which is the main means of communication within each squad.

Head coach Robbie holding an end of session recap with one of our winter training groups.

Our head coach - Robbie Gunn of Gunn Cricket Academy

Robbie is a professional cricket coach who works in various clubs and schools and for Surrey, and in 2017 led Surrey's Pride Of Lions Junior Coaching at the Oval. If you’ve been to any junior courses at the Oval in the last few years, there’s a good chance you’ve seen him there. In 2018, he also coached a pro-am T20 franchise team that included England players Monty Panesar and Liam Dawson.

Robbie is also an exceptional player. In 2017, he played in the final of the Natwest National T20 Club Cup, playing in a game surrounded by former first class and international players.

2019 will be our third year of partnering with Robbie's coaching company, Gunn Cricket Academy, to provide a top quality training experience at SMCC. Robbie started working with us just before Easter 2017 and with very little time in which to prepare, he delivered what was unanimously considered to be the best organised and more engaging junior coaching that the club had seen in recent years. Since then, we have continued work in partnership to improve our coaching further each year. Robbie has since led our summer camps and indoor training, and we've only ever heard positive feedback by parents and players.

Robbie brings with him a number of great coaches, some who coach for Surrey and/or London Schools and some who are multi-sports coaches in schools, and as well as working with coaches and support coaches who are parents, senior players at the club and some of our Young Leaders.

We plan for a maximum coach:player ratio of around 1:7, but the ratio in 2018/19 will probably be closer to 1:5 on average across all sessions.