Summer season - how to book

2020 summer term

  • Limit of 25 players per squad (same as 2019)
  • Sign-up in in Dec/Jan (exact dates to be announced) in 3 phases:
    • Phase 1: Returners from summer term 2019 will be able to book
    • Phase 2: Returners from summer term 2019 + parents who are booked into either our autumn or spring 10 weeks courses will be able to book
    • Phase 3: Booking will be open to anyone to fill remaining places

When new courses and camps are bookable, we always publish information here on the website first (please look here first rather than emailing us). We then email parents on our mailing list. Use our registration form to add yourself to our mailing list.

We are currently running autumn and spring term indoor training and our partners 360 Cricket will also be running cricket camps during most school holiday periods.

Our Under 9s in action, summer of 2017

2019 Summer season information

The 'advance booking' period for returning players and players booked into our indoor training closed on 31st Dec 2018. Booking is now open to everyone on a strictly first paid, first served basis. Up until March, the system will still allow you to spread payments over 6 months. At the end of March, this will change to instalments over 3 months, and as the season progresses, it'll be 2 instalments and then 1.

Paying either the full fee or the first instalment secures a place. The fees are explained on our costs page.

As ever, SMCC is proud of our 'ability to pay is not a barrier to play' policy. If the fees are not affordable for your family, please contact us at explaining your circumstances. We are normally happy to agree a more affordable fee.

How many spaces are still available?

This section was last updated on 16th May 2019.

The following numbers of spaces per age-group are available. Please don't leave it until the last minute. Once age-groups get close to full, the last few spaces tend to be snapped up very quickly, and we usually also get more and more interest from new members the closer we get to the outdoor cricket season.

  • U5 & U6 (Reception & Year 1): 0/20 spaces available (FULL)
  • U7 (Year 2): 0/25 spaces available (FULL)
  • U8 Boys (year 3 boys ): 0/25 spaces available (FULL)
  • U9 Boys (year 4 boys): 0/25 spaces available (FULL)
  • U9 Girls (years 3-5 girls): 8/25 spaces available
  • U10 Boys (year 5 boys): 0/25 spaces available (FULL)
  • U11 Boys (year 6 boys): 0/25 spaces available (FULL)
  • U11 Girls (years 5-7 girls): 9/25 spaces available
  • U12 Boys (year 7 boys): 3/25 spaces available
  • U13 (year 8): 7/25 spaces available
  • U14/15 (years 9-10): 5/25 spaces available
  • U16/U17 - there's no limit on these players who play in senior cricket

Why a maximum of 25 players per age-group?

We aim to get our squad sizes just right so that we can put a team out every week of the season and not have to cancel any games. Some weeks, squads will probably have 15+ kids to pick from in some age-groups, while other weekends such as the bank holiday weekend at half-term and the end of the season, we expect to have only just enough kids to get all teams out. We have found that around 25 is the optimum size for most squads. In the U5-U9 age-groups it is possible to play more than one match on a pitch at the same time, so when we have enough players available we tend to run a second game alongside the first. For more information on this, see Teams, match times and formats, and How we pick teams.

When an age-group fills up, the online booking system will automatically make that course unavailable, but will give you the option of joining a waiting list.

If you want to book more than one child, but some age-groups are full, please contact us as in this circumstance, we can create an extra space in that age-group within the system.

How to book

See our About registering, booking & paying page, which explains what to do if you are a new or returning member, and links through to our online booking system.