In 2021, we won more league matches than we lost for the first time and three squads won their divisions. We played 6.4 times more matches in total than in 2015 and players played an average of 7.4 games each.

Our club policy is to aim to play a "competitive" team in every league match, meaning that the team has a fair chance of winning if they play well, while we also aim to ensure that there is plenty of rotation of players, and providing plenty of friendly matches so that all player play matches as a suitable level of challenge. Read more here: How we pick teams

2021 highlights

235 boys and 77 girls played cricket at SMCC in the summer of 2021 (18% more kids playing cricket than 2020).

Congratulations to the following squads, who won league divisions:

Other squads also performed well. Our two girls' squads had their best year of results to date, even though our number of girls grew by 38%, so there were many new players in those squads. Most of our squads finished mid-table, and none finished is what might be considered the 'relegation zone'.

As a junior section that started with a single league team in 2008, we are still catching up with longer established junior sections in the region, but our results are steadily improving. In 2021, for the first time, we won slightly more league games than we lost. This was particularly impressive when we consider that up to 2019, our teams were normally always entered into the lowest league divisions, but this year nearly all games were played in the mid-level league tiers.

The improved league performances have been enabled partly by playing slightly stronger players in league games. That was balanced by playing far more friendlies than we have done in the past, which has enabled us to provide a better suited level of challenge to both our more advanced and more developmental players. We played an astonishing 230 matches in total - an average of 7.4 matches per player. A big thank you is due to Graham Snowdon, our Junior Fixtures Secretary, for the mammoth task of arranging most of these games and pitches for them to be played on, and also to the small army of team manager parents who have also put in dozens of hours each to enable these matches to happen.

Another factor in our squads' improved results was no doubt the high attendance at our our indoor training (around 60% of players) and the high attendance at Easter, half-term and summer camps. Thanks must go to our wonderful coaching partners, 360 Cricket, for providing such engaging and effective coaching sessions.

Keep of the great works, team SMCC Juniors.

How can I check results?

  • Each age-group has a WhatsApp group for parents, and results (and sometimes live over by over commentary, if the match is an exciting one) are normally posted there first.

  • We also encourage a parent from each team to post the result and a few words on how the match went to the club's facebook group, which we encourage all parents to join.

  • For league matches, you can also check scorecards and player statistics by going to the Streatham & Marlborough area on the Play Cricket website.