Juniors in open-age (adult) cricket

2020 summer term

Regarding spaces available for the summer of 2020, our policy last year was that we had a limit of 25 players per squad and we had a period of about 1 month, in Dec/Jan, in which returners from the previous year, along with players booked into our indoor training courses, were able to book their children in ahead of the general public. We expect to follow a similar or the same process this year.

We are likely to finalise details of the 2020 summer term during the spring term of 2020. We expect things to be broadly similar to 2019, so for now you can read our 2019 information below to get an idea of what to expect.

We are currently running autumn and spring term indoor training and our partners 360 Cricket will also be running cricket camps during most school holiday periods.

How old do juniors need to be to play open-age (men's and ladies') cricket?

The minimum age for juniors to train and play in open-age cricket is 13, or 12 if representing a county or London Schools. This doesn't mean that all 13 year olds are expected to train and play in open-age cricket. It is an option for players to try when they feel ready. The club's open-age selection panel and captains also have the right to refuse to have a junior play if they feel the junior lacks sufficient skills for them to safely do so. In practice many of our juniors from age 13 up enjoy taking part in open age cricket, and we are lucky to have a wide range of standards of open-age cricket in which to take part. Many other local clubs also have juniors of the same ages playing for them.

Senior training - men

Older juniors may wish to join the men’s nets sessions that are run indoors between Christmas and Easter, and outdoors on Thursday evenings (from around 18:30-20:30) from after Easter through to early September. Please note that these are NOT coached or supervised sessions and players will be mixing with adults, so we cannot make any promises regarding safeguarding, first aiders, etc. That said, most of the players attending are long-term club members, many of whom our players will already know, and they are normally always made to feel very welcome.

We recommend you check our main SMCC website for details. You can also contact our men's club captain, Dan Ellis (daniel.ellis@falconpw.com) to ask to be added to our senior cricket newsletters, so that you are kept in the loop with open-age cricket news.

Senior training - ladies

Please see our page on Girls cricket.

Open-age matches - men

Saturday, Sundays and occasionally also Wed afternoons.

Typical meet time for home matches: 12:00 (varies slightly depending on team)

Typical meet time for away matches: 11:30 (varies slightly depending on team)

Typical start type: 13:00 or 13:30 (varies slightly depending on team)

Typical duration of open-age matches: 5-6 hours (generally 40 overs per side, but depending on league & division that the team is playing in)

Open-age matches - ladies

Sunday afternoons (longer format). Meet and start times are similar to those for men's games shown above. Due to there being fewer ladies' teams, travel times tend to be slightly longer.

Wednesday evenings (T20 format).