Girls' teams

MCCF Girls Hub - free for girls at state schools in years 5-10

For details, see MCCF Girls Hub - free training for state school girls in years 6-10

2020 summer term

  • Limit of 25 players per squad (same as 2019)
  • Sign-up in in Dec/Jan (exact dates to be announced) in 3 phases:
    • Phase 1: Returners from summer term 2019 will be able to book
    • Phase 2: Returners from summer term 2019 + parents who are booked into either our autumn or spring 10 weeks courses will be able to book
    • Phase 3: Booking will be open to anyone to fill remaining places

When new courses and camps are bookable, we always publish information here on the website first (please look here first rather than emailing us). We then email parents on our mailing list. Use our registration form to add yourself to our mailing list.

We are currently running autumn and spring term indoor training and our partners 360 Cricket will also be running cricket camps during most school holiday periods.

Our first ever all-girls team, victorious in their first match, summer of 2017

A local centre for girls' cricket

Our numbers of girls has doubled each of the last two years. In 2018, we had 31 girls playing cricket at the club, all between schools year Reception and school year 7, with the majority in school years 2-6. We believe we're rapidly becoming the 'go to' club in the local area for girls of these ages.

U9 and U11 teams aimed at girls

In 2019 we will be aiming to double our numbers again, especially in school years 3-7. This will mean we have two squads of around 20 girls - enough to form additional Under 9 and Under 11 teams for girls.

These teams will be entered into the same league as our current teams, in the same way that another club, Spencer, already does.

The advantages of this idea are:

  • Lots of matches in which girls get to play together consistently as a team (they will also train together)
  • Matches will be consistently on the same day and time, every week (easier for parents and team managers to plan for) and will take up half a day, rather than requiring the dedication of a full day as with the girls' festivals
  • Under 11s will play with a hard ball, unlike the separate girls cricket league run by Surrey Cricket Foundation, which we have considered joining, but which is played with a soft ball, which we think our girls would not enjoy, and nor would not get them ready for joining the women's team when they reach school year 8. The league run by Surrey Cricket Foundation is set to be merged with the league that we will be playing in from 2020 in any case.

Please note that girls are allowed to play against boys a year younger than they are. Therefore there is no problem with girls in school year 5 playing in a team in the 'Under 9s' division, nor any problem with girls in year 7 playing in a team in an Under 11s division.

In 2020 we will probably aim to run three league teams for girls - U8 (schools years 2-4), U10 (school years 5 & 6) and U12 (school years 7 & 8).

SMCC Girls' first match in 2017 - SMCC vs Dulwich, was played in a great spirit with some of the girls having played together in a joint "Streatham & Dulwich" team only a few weeks earlier.


Our indoor training over the winter and spring is mixed. We would not have sufficient numbers to run girls only sessions. We know that many of the girls enjoy playing with the boys anyway.

In the summer term of 2019, there will be dedicated training sessions for the two girls's teams. See Summer season training for details.

Ladies' team

From age 13 (school year 8) upwards, girls are also eligible to, and will be encouraged to, play for the senior SMCC Ladies team. The ladies & girls section is a thriving section of the club. In 2017 they went unbeaten the entire year and then entered into two leagues in 2018 in order to get more matches. Mothers/female guardians will also be very welcome to join the Ladies team. No prior playing experience is necessary and several mothers of juniors have already joined, including our chair of junior cricket, Sally Keith. Ladies training sessions are led by a professional coach. For more information, please see contact details here:

Representative cricket

In 2017 and 2018 we have put several girls forward for trials with Surrey, and we will continue to work with Surrey and London Schools Cricket Association to give our girls every opportunity to play representative cricket.