About the summer term (cricket season)

This section currently contains details of the 2020 summer term / outdoor cricket season. Details of the 2021 summer term will appear here during the 2021 spring term. When new courses and camps are bookable, we always publish information here on the website first (please look here first rather than emailing us). We then email parents on our mailing list. Use our registration form to add yourself to our mailing list.

How do I book my child in for the 2020 summer season?

Details are on our Summer season - how to book page. We recommend that you also read summer season training details and and Teams, match times and formats. If you are a parent of a girl, please also check out Girls' teams.

When is the junior cricket season?

The junior cricket season runs each year from just after the state school Easter holidays until just before the state school summer holidays. During this season we run training outdoors at SMCC and our teams from Under 8s upwards play matches against other local clubs.

At SMCC, when the league season finishes, we continue to play games of cricket between our own players every Friday evening throughout the summer holidays. This provides around 6 weeks of additional opportunities to play full games of cricket, especially for newer players who may have played less that more experienced players during the league season.

During the summer holidays, we also run a summer holiday cricket camp during the daytime, and we finish the summer with an annual fun & awards day.

Which leagues does the club play in?

Most of our junior teams play in the Surrey Junior Cricket Championship (which replaces the Surrey North East & Central Junior Cricket League from 2020 onwards).

In 2020, we are also entering a Girls Under 11 team (soft-ball) in the Surrey Cricket Foundation Smash-it League and a Girls Under 13 team (hard ball) into the North Kent Junior League.

Our senior teams play in both Kent and Surrey leagues.

How many league matches do teams play in a season?

  • U8s-U15s: Typically about 9-12 league matches per year, depending on the division entered. Where there are fewer league matches, team managers may organise additional friendlies. In 2019, the average child played around 6 matches, though some may play more than others - please see how we pick teams.

  • U14/15s upwards can get up to approx 20 senior matches if playing the full season from mid-April to mid-Sept. We cannot guarantee a match every week as this depends on the number of teams that the player’s ability would be appropriate for, the number of fixtures, cancellations by other teams, the availability of other players, etc. The same applies to equally to senior players.

Knock-out cup games

From U10 up, in most age-groups there are also knock-out cup games. These are typically held on weekday evenings. Knock-out games from U11 up are played in conventional format rather than pairs format.

Within-club training games and friendlies

We normally arrange a number of within-club training matches and friendly matches agains local opposition each year, especially:

  • Early season (late April / early May), before league matches start

  • If teams have a weekend with no league match

  • Kids in school years 1 and 2, who are generally not picked to play in Under 8 league matches, still get plenty of opportunities to play games between themselves in addition to the organised training.

  • During the summer holidays, when the junior league seasons and our summer training have finished, we continue to have within-club matches (run by parents, not coaches) on Friday evenings.