Summer holiday cricket camp

2020 summer camp was sold out!

30 kids x 20 days x 7 hours - that's 4200 hours of cricket!

We look forward to running another summer camp in 2021 and expect the details to be very similar to those shown below which were for 2020. When new courses and camps are bookable, we always publish information here on the website first (please look here first rather than emailing us). We then email parents on our mailing list. Use our registration form to add yourself to our mailing list.

Younger players at our 2018 camp learning the basics of bowling and wicket keeping in the morning, before playing games in the afternoon.

Our 2020 Summer Camp...

2020 is our fourth year of running our summer cricket camp. Our summer camps are delivered in partnership with 360 Cricket, run by head coaches Robbie Gunn and Lloyd Edwards.

In 2019 we had just over 30 kids/day attending, and the camp featured a new and exciting activity plan based around players of all ages and abilities being part of one of four teams, named after four cricketing countries, with points earned throughout every camp day contributing to their team's total.


This year, all camp activities will be adapted to be compliant with the England & Wales Cricket Board's guidelines for socially distanced cricket training and matches. These guidelines are produced in collaboration with the government's chief science and medical advisors.

Obviously there is no way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to zero, but we will comply with official guidelines and we will aim to reduce the risk as much as reasonably possible.

A detailed document covering 360 Cricket's COVID-19 safety measured is available on the camp booking page on 360 Cricket's website. Please read the document before booking.

Rain cancellation policy change

To meet the government’s current guidelines we have decided that if a day is going to be heavily affected by rain, 360 Cricket will inform parents by 6pm the day before that the next camp day is going to cancelled. Parents will then have the option of a full refund or moving their child(s) booking to another day (if there are still spaces on the requested day).

This year, there will be plans in place for keeping the kids busy and entertained in the even of brief rain interruptions. Activities will be mainly cricket-related, but may also include use of videos, board games, video games etc.

We'll keep the kids outside as much as possible, so if it looks wet, you might want to pack them a spare pair of socks, etc.

Who are the camps for?

  • All camp days will be suitable for kids aged 5-12 at the time of the camp (kids who will in September be starting Year 1-Year-8)

  • Girls and boys

  • 30 kids per day (this may increase after week 1 if and only if coaches are happy that more players can be accommodated while staying compliant with social distancing guidelines, even during short rain intervals)

  • Kids of any ability level from beginner to advanced. Players will be split into appropriate groups each day

  • You don't have to be a current member of the club - the camp is open to everyone

  • Younger players up to around age 9-10 will generally be in a soft-ball group; older players from around age 9-10 upwards will generally be in a hard ball group (must bring own full protective kit)

When is the camp?

  • 9am-4pm each day

  • Mon-Thu on the following dates:

    • Week 1: Mon 27 July - Thu 30 July

    • Week 2: Mon 3 Aug - Thu 6 Aug

    • Week 3: Mon 10 Aug - Thu 13 Aug

    • Week 4: Mon 17 Aug - Thu 20 Aug

    • Week 5: Mon 24 Aug - Thu 27 Aug

Where is the camp?

The camp is held at Streatham and Marlborough Cricket Club. See our location.

Can I book individual days? Weeks?

You can book your child or children into whichever days you like, but kids will probably enjoy attending a full 4-day week the most.

Can I book multiple weeks?

You can also book more than one week if you wish, but we'd only recommend that if your kids are extremely keen on cricket, as the activities run each week are likely to be similar (though adjusted for the group of kids attending).

How much does the camp cost?

  • 1 day = £47

  • 2 days = £88 (saving £6)

  • 3 days = £130 (saving £11)

  • 4 days = £165 (saving £23)

Discounts are applied at the checkout.

Sorry, we are not able to accept childcare vouchers.

There are no sibling discounts for the summer camp.

Our club "ability to pay is not a barrier to play" policy applies, but only for current SMCC members for whom we have already agreed a discounted rate. Please ask 360 Cricket by email.

Older players at our 2018 camp working on their bowing and batting in the nets, getting ready for a match in the afternoon.

How many kids will be in the camp per day? How many coaches will you have?

  • Were it not for COVID-19, we would expect around 40 kids per day. We will initially be limiting numbers to 30 kids per day in order to be sure we can maintain good social distancing, even in the event of players having to be indoors for short periods due to rain showers.

  • The number of players is expected to be split roughly 50/50 between younger (soft ball) players and older (hard ball) players and a range of abilities from beginners to advanced. The kids will be split up each day into suitable groups for their activities.

  • We plan for a minimum coach:player ratio of 1:7 and more typically this is 1:5. We will have a suitable ratio of senior and support coaches as per ClubMark guidelines. We will also have at least one 'spare' coach at all times to deal with any injuries, illnesses or other such incidents.

What do my kids need to bring?

  • A bottle of water (which they can refill at the club)

  • A packed lunch & sufficient snacks (ideally healthy ones) to get them through an active day

  • Clothing suitable for sport (consider warm layers and a change of clothing if the forecast is for cooler weather and showers)

  • Their own cricket kit (COVID-19 guidelines prohibit the sharing of cricket kit)

  • Sunblock and cap (sunblock will not be applied by coaches, so parents should apply this in advance and/or teach children how to apply it)

  • Any medications that your child needs (e.g. asthma inhaler, EpiPen, etc) - coaches are trained in emergency First Aid but will not give or apply any medication, so you must ensure your child knows how to do this themselves

  • It's a good idea to write your child's name on all items, to avoid them getting mixed up.

Other usage of the grounds on Wednesdays

Please be aware that on Wednesdays there will normally be an adult afternoon match on one pitch starting from around 1pm, and we may occasionally also have private hirings of one pitch for games typically also starting from around 1pm. On those days we will use only the other pitch at those times, but normally the camp will have full use of both pitches and practice nets.

Please remember we are a non-profit, member-run cricket club

While 360 Cricket are paid professional cricket coaches, we as a club are not a business and we are not run for profit.

SMCC is, like most all cricket clubs, run by a few of its players and parents, volunteering our time simply for the love of the game and for the love of our wonderful little cricket club.

I have an question...

All general enquiries about the summer camp should be sent to 360 Cricket using the contact details on their website.

If you have any enquiries about club membership or should you have any complaints about 360 Cricket, please contact us.