LoveAdmin - how to to register, book & pay

About LoveAdmin

We work in partnership with 360 Cricket, and we expect bookings for most courses to be via their website, but we still use LoveAdmin for parent & player registration and as a mailing list, and we might use it for taking some payments.

After logging in you can select and pay for 'courses' - meaning indoor training, summer season membership and summer camps. The payment system is GoCardless, which uses direct debits and enables you to pay in instalments for most courses. After you have done this once, it is quick and easy to pay for further courses.

Register (new joiners / wishing to be on mailing list)

Parent & Player Registration Form - use this form to register a new player. You can use this form without selecting any courses - for example if you are registering and giving consent ahead of a taster session, or if you just wish to be added to our mailing list and get updates about junior cricket at SMCC.

At the bottom of the registration form, you can select currently available courses, in which case the system will lead you through to paying for the course(s).

When you register a new player, the system requires us to approve your registration before it will take payment. We'll usually do this within a few hours and you'll receive another email from the system once your registration has been approved.

To register a sibling, use this form for each child, using the same email address. The system should then link the two together automatically.

Logging in and creating/resetting a password (registered users)

SMCC's LoveAdmin Log-in page

Please note the "First time logging in" link at the top. If you have registered with us but have not logged in before, you must use this link, not the "Forgot Password" link (which will not work if you have not yet created a password).

Yes, we know it's incredibly weird. :-) We wish LoveAdmin would improve its user interface for you parents, but we tolerate it because it saves us so much time on the admin, and we're yet to find a system that can do all that it can do, all in one time-saving package!

Pay for a course on desktop/laptop (recommended)

1. Select the 'Payments' tab

You will see a number of courses on the left hand side. You may need to scroll down to see all options in the list.

2. Pick a course

Course details will be displayed. Tick the child or children you wish to sign up for the course, and click 'Next'.

3. Confirm details

Check and confirm parent and player details, then at the bottom, select 'Submit'. You can then add another course if you wish.

4. Select to pay in full or instalments

You have the option to pay in full now, or to pay in 3 monthly instalments.

5. Select or enter bank details

If you have used the system before, you have the option to use the same bank account details to pay again. If not, select the option to enter new bank details.

5. Set up direct debit instruction via GoCardless (if you've not done so before or want to use a different bank account)

Payment will be processes via GoCardless, using a one-time direct debit.

This does not mean you are setting up a repeating payment or the club will be able to take payments in future without your consent.

Payment typically takes 2-3 working days to be processed.

6. Confirmation

Once you have confirmed your payment, you should then see a message saying that the payment will appear on your bank statement as "GO CARDLESS" and you've finished making your booking and payment.

7. View the courses that you have paid for

Click on 'Paid' to view the courses that you have paid for, and the status of the direct debit payment.

Pay for a course on mobile

Everything works similarly to on desktop/laptop, but looks slightly different.

1. Select "extras" to open the list of courses

This is slightly confusing and is unfortunately not something we can change. You need to select "Extras" in order to open the list of courses to pick from.

In some browsers, you might be unable to scroll the list of courses up. We have raised this bug with PaySubsOnline. Until it is fixed, you will have to use a different browser or device.

2. Proceed as above to pay for the course

If you see the option to "pre-authorise future payments" in mobile view, we recommend you do not tick this.

The club does not intend to ever take any money from your account without your requesting a booking.

After you select "Pay here", follow the instructions to make and confirm the payment.

Top 5 booking issues and how to fix them

PaySubsOnline / LoveAdmin provides us with really useful functionality that we can't find in any other single system. It allows us to register players and parents (and export that data to give to those who need it), email you in bulk (including sub-groups), set up courses and make them available for booking either by user group or anyone, to take payments either in one payment or instalments, to see financial reports and so on. To do this amount of admin manually would be impossible.

Unfortunately as a parent, it can also be quite difficult to use at times, so here are some top tips.

1. I know I'm using the right email address (because I'm on the mailing list) but the system won't let me reset my password.

Use the link at the top of the log-in screen to set a password for the first time.

2. I've logged in but I can't see the list of courses (on a smartphone).

Tap on 'Extras' to reveal the list of courses.

3. I think I've booked and paid, by I'm not sure. Can you please confirm it for me?

After booking, please look in your account in the 'Payments' section and the subsection 'Paid'. The system sometimes takes 2-3 minutes before updating. If the course is listed there, you have booked it. If it says 'pending' don't worry - it takes a few working days to take the money by direct debit the first time, during which period it displays 'pending'. Subsequent direct debits are then taken usually within a few hours.

4. I've just registered and tried to pay but it doesn't seem to have worked

When you register a brand new account, the system forces me to approve your membership before allowing the booking to be finalised. We will try to log in as often as we can (usually the same day) to approve these new registrations, at which point the course booking and payment request should be completed.

Details to include if you need to email for help

If you still have a problem, please email including the following details:

  • the device you are using
  • what (describe step by step) you are doing
  • what (describe step by step) you are seeing (ideally please provide screenshots)