About registering, booking & paying

How do I register, book and pay?

Registration, booking and payment for joining at any time of year, including indoor training over the winter and spring, the summer season and summer camps, is via our online system, PaySubsOnline (soon rebranding as LoveAdmin). We do not accept registrations, booking or payments for courses, the summer season or summer camps by any other method.

All players must, without exception, be registered in the system before taking part in any cricket session at SMCC, including taster sessions, so that we have a record that the player's parents have read through our 'terms and conditions' and have given consent for their child to take part and also that we have contact details of parents.


Do you have space for my child?

In 2018 we had around 200 junior players. In 2019, we plan to expand a little more up to around 250, mainly in order to run two dedicated girls league teams for the first time. Each year, like all clubs, we also typically lose around 10% of players due to parents moving away, kids getting hooked on other interests that clash with cricket, as so on. So as long as you book early enough, there will probably be a few spaces available in all age-groups for new players, even though we expect most players to return from last year. We do cap the number of players per squad, though, so book early to avoid disappoinment.

For the 2019 summer season, there is initially an 'advance booking' period, lasting until 31st Dec 2018 for:

  • Players returning from last year
  • Players booked into either our Oct-Dec or Jan-Mar indoor training

From 1st January 2019, bookings will be open to all-comers on a strictly first paid, first served basis.

Payments in monthly instalments are possible in the online booking system. Setting up payment by instalments will secure a place as payments continue to be received.

Do players need to have played cricket before?

No. Experience of cricket is not necessary, but some familiarity with the game helps, so even if it’s not practical for you to teach/play the game at home, we would certainly encourage you to try to watch some cricket - for example search on YouTube for “IPL highlights”, "Big Bash highlights", "PSL highlights" or "CPL highlights" or for women's cricket "KSL highlights" - there are many hours worth of exciting T20 games available to watch for free.

What ages do you accept?

We accept players from school year Reception upwards.

In line with ECB Clubmark guidelines, for all players up to age 17 we must have parental permission for them to play. Players 18 years old and over enlist with the club as adults.

Do you have a waiting list / mailing list?

We operate a mailing list and everyone on the mailing list will normally get information about the opening up of bookings as the same time by email. When courses are full, the system will automatically create a waiting list. Bookings for indoor training, the summer term and summer camps are on a first paid, first served basis. Where courses are bookable in instalments, setting up the direct debit to pay in instalments will secure your child's place as long as payments continue to be made.

Can I bring my child for a taster session?

If you want to join a session or two as a taster, you can do so (after contacting us at smcccolts@gmail.com to let us know you want to come and registering in PaySubsOnline). If your child doesn't enjoy it, you won't owe us anything. If your child does want to continue, we ask you to pay a fee that covers the sessions that you have already attended.

Booking and paying

Ability to pay is not a barrier to play

As a club (seniors as well as juniors) we have an "ability to pay is not a barrier to play" policy. If the fees are unaffordable because you are on a low income, on long-term sick leave, etc, please ask about us making the fees more affordable for you. More detailed information on costs.

What are the fees?

See Costs.

Bank transfer details (for exceptional use only)

Sometimes we need to take a payment by bank transfer. The details for the club's main bank account* are as follows .

Account name: S&M Cricket Club

Sort code: 20-80-57

Account number: 80617997

Reference: Please ask us what to use so that we will know what the payment is for.

*We have a separate account for donations to the Pavilion Fund.