Member survey results

About the survey

In the autumn of 2020 we ran an SMCC Junior Member Survey of parents whose children were members during the summer term of 2020.

110 parents responded, which is nearly half of all parents. A fantastic response. Thank you!

Below you will find some headline figures. In addition to these results, there were a number of free-text answers, and again thank you all very much for taking the time to answer these questions. The information provided is invaluable in helping inform our decision-making going forwards.

Full results have been shared with the club's Executive Committee, our coaches 360 Cricket and with all junior Team Managers and volunteers on the 'Junior Exec'.

We have held video calls with team managers and with 360 Cricket to discuss the results and ideas for making improvements.

Improvements planned

Some of the key improvements that we will aim to make this year include:

  • Lockable container for team managers containing multiple bags of kit (stumps, cones, first aid kit, wicket keeping kit, etc) needed for running games on weekends

  • Improve the feedback loop between team managers and 360 Cricket

  • Aim to provide more opportunities in training and matches for players to be challenged at the right level (though without losing our club ethos based around inclusivity)

  • Continue to run more friendlies than we have done in the past; in particular during the summer holidays, and to again have plenty of pitches pre-booked and allocated to teams for team managers to use when arranging friendlies

  • Look to book better quality pitches (though this could be a challenge with many groundspeople on furlough)

  • Club wicket keeping kit for use during summer training

We will also continue to review all of the detailed feedback for further ways to improve the experience for players, parents, team managers and coaches.

Who responded to the survey?

Feedback on coaching

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Summer term outdoor training

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Experience of BAME players and parents