LoveAdmin - how to register, book & pay

360 Cricket and LoveAdmin - why two systems?

360 Cricket take bookings for autumn term indoor training courses, spring term indoor training courses and holiday camps. By 360 Cricket taking these bookings directly, we speed up the bookings process and reduce administration. 360 Cricket take bookings on their website and also run their own mailing list.

LoveAdmin, however, is SMCC Juniors' system for:

  • taking your bookings and payments for the summer term (summer cricket season)

  • capturing and storing player and parent details and consent

  • emailing you

We share essential data with 360 Cricket. For example, if you initially register for an indoor course with them, they will provide certain details with us so that we can add you to LoveAdmin, in order that you are on our mailing list and we can keep you informed about junior cricket at SMCC Juniors. We also share your details back to 360 Cricket during the summer so that coaches have essential details such as player names, parent contact details and player medical/special needs information that you have provided.

LoveAdmin can be a bit slow and quirky, but please bear with it and follow the instructions

LoveAdmin is not the most intuitive system ever, but because it combines multiple admin functions in a single system, it saves us a huge amount of time, and it provides some powerful admin features that 360 Cricket cannot yet provide, such as enabling you to pay in instalments and enabling booking access to only certain groups of parents. When we selected LoveAdmin we spent a week trying out numerous systems. No 'club app' system is perfect, and LoveAdmin was the least worst option all things considered.

Step-by-step instructions are on this page

No-one likes following instructions, we know. But on this occasion, please follow the guidance on this page as it will make navigating and booking in LoveAdmin go a lot more smoothly.

Website or app?

We recommend you use LoveAdmin on a desktop/laptop/tablet if possible, but it does also work on a smartphone and we've included instructions for both below. Please avoid the mobile app as it for different purposes, not for booking courses.

LoveAdmin takes payments via GoCardless

LoveAdmin uses GoCardless to collect payments. This system uses direct debits rather than card payments. It can take one-off payments and payments in instalments. After you have done set it up once, it is quick and easy to pay for further courses.

How to add yourself to the SMCC Juniors mailing list

  1. Fill in the Parent & Player Registration Form. The only essential bit of data that we'll need is your email address. You don't necessarily need to enter your child's details or other contact details at this point.

  2. Wait for us to approve your registration. You'll receive another email from the system once we've done so. We'll usually do this daily in peak season.

  3. If you later want to book a course, please note that you do not need to re-register. Proceed to creating a password (see below).

How to register a new player in order to book a summer term course

  1. Fill in the Parent & Player Registration Form.

  2. Wait for us to approve your registration. You'll receive another email from the system once we've done so. We'll usually do this daily in peak season.

  3. Proceed to creating a password (see below).

How to add an additional player

You can't do this after logging-in. What you must do is:

1. Fill in the Parent & Player Registration Form again for the brother or sister using the same email address that you used for your first child. After a few minutes, the system should link the two together automatically and when you log in, you'll be able to view and book courses for multiple children. If it doesn't link them, let us know and we'll link them manually.

2. Wait for us to approve your registration. You'll receive another email from the system once we've done so. We'll usually do this daily in peak season.

3. Proceed to log-in. The system might require you to create a password (see below) for the newly registered player. This will be a separate password, but can be the same as for your other player.

How to create a password before logging in the first time (after we've approved your registration)

1. On the LoveAdmin log-in page, select "First time logging in"

This will take you to a separate form where you can create your password.

You can then return to the log-in page and log in.

Please note that "Forgot Password" will NOT work until you have created your password for the first time.

If you register an additional player, the system is able to link the two profiles, but treats each as having its own log-in, so you will need to create a password for the additional player. We recommend you make it the same password that you used for the first player.

How to book and pay for a course on desktop/laptop (after logging in)

1. Select the 'Payments' tab

You will see courses on the left hand side.

The list is alpha-numeric, so U5-U9 may be listed after U10-U17.

The list might not look scrollable, but it is.

Smartphone users: Tap on "Extras" to reveal the list of courses (see screenshot in smartphone instructions below).

2. Pick a course

Course details will be displayed. Tick the child or children you wish to book into the course, and click 'Next'.

If you have multiple children that you need to book into different courses, please be careful at this point to tick only the children you wish to book into this course.

3. Confirm details

Check/update and confirm parent and player details, then at the bottom, select 'Submit'.

You can then add another course if you wish.

4. Select to pay in full or in instalments

You have the option to pay in full now, or to pay in monthly instalments. The number of instalments may vary depending on when you are booking. In 2020, it'll be 5 instalments initially, but we'll reduce it as we get closer to the cricket season.

The first payment is usually taken within a few working days, with further instalments being taken each month on the same day.

5. Select or enter bank details

If you have used the system before, you have the option to use the same bank account details to pay again. If not, select the option to enter new bank details.

It can sometimes take 30-60 seconds or so to complete. Please be patient. Occasionally it appears that the process has not completed, but it very likely had.

Rather than re-book, please wait a few minutes then go to step 7 to check in your "Paid" section whether the booking completed.

5. Set up direct debit instruction via GoCardless (if you've not done so before or want to use a different bank account)

Payment will be processes via GoCardless, using a one-time direct debit.

This does not mean you are setting up a repeating payment.

6. Confirmation

Once you have confirmed your payment, you should then see a message saying that the payment will appear on your bank statement as "GO CARDLESS" and you've finished making your booking and payment.

7. View the courses that you have paid for

The system does not send you and email to confirm your booking.

Please try this before emailing us to ask for confirmation that your child is booked in.

Please note that it usually takes 2-3 minutes after booking for your booked courses to appear. You might wish to try logging out and back in again.

Click on 'Paid' to view the courses that you have paid for, and the status of the direct debit payment.

If the course appears and a payment is listed as "pending" or "paid" then your child is booked into the course and your payment will go through. There is no need to email us for confirmation.

How to book and pay for a course on smartphone (after logging in)

Everything works similarly to on desktop/laptop, but looks slightly different.

1. Select "extras" to open the list of courses

This is slightly confusing and is unfortunately not something we can change. You need to select "Extras" in order to open the list of courses to pick from.

In some browsers, you might be unable to scroll the list of courses up. We have raised this bug with LoveAdmin. Until it is fixed, you will have to use a different browser or device.

2. Proceed as above to pay for the course

If you see the option to "pre-authorise future payments" in mobile view, we recommend you do not tick this.

The club does not intend to ever take any money from your account without your requesting a booking.

After you select "Pay here", follow the instructions to make and confirm the payment.

Top tips: Common LoveAdmin issues and how to fix them

1. I know I'm using the right email address (because I'm on the mailing list) but the system won't let me reset my password.

Use the link at the top of the log-in screen to set a password for the first time (see instructions above). If you have only just registered, please be aware that you will need to wait a few hours for us to approve your registration before you're able to create a password.

2. I've logged in but I can't see the list of courses (on a smartphone)

Tap on 'Extras' to reveal the list of courses (see instructions above)

3. I think I've booked and paid, by I'm not sure. I didn't get a confirmation email

The system doesn't send a confirmation email. After booking, please look in your account in the 'Payments' section and the subsection 'Paid'. The system sometimes takes 2-3 minutes before updating. If the course is listed there, you have booked it. If it says 'pending' don't worry - it takes a few working days to take the money by direct debit the first time, during which period it displays 'pending'. Subsequent direct debits are then taken usually within a few hours. See instructions above.

4. My child should have access to book courses but I can't see them

This is often because of players having multiple profiles in the system. Please try your other profile and please help us tidy up the system by marking duplicate profiles for deletion (see below)

Multiple profiles in the system; how can I help tidy this up?

Many parents have multiple profiles for their players in LoveAdmin. To help us tidy this up, if you have a profile that you want us to delete, please insert #delete at the beginning of the surname field. We'll then be able to easily identify all profiles for deletion.

Details to include if you need to email for help

If you still have a problem, please email including the following details:

  • the device you are using

  • what you are doing (describe it step by step)

  • what you are seeing (describe it step by step and ideally please provide screenshots)

  • explain what you expected to happen vs what actually happened