Young Leaders (age 14-16) Programme

Young Leaders learning to be an assistant coach (taken from the video linked to below)

What is the Young Leaders Programme?

In 2019, we will be running the Young Leaders programme for our second year, after a very successful first year in which several of our older juniors not only completed the course but also went to be paid support coaches, helping to train our younger junior players and to run our summer camp. Feedback from players and parents was overwhelmingly positive.

Young Leaders is a programme run by in many other clubs in the region. It is aimed at players aged around 14-16. The programme gives them the opportunity to develop useful life skills in the context of volunteering at their cricket club, for example:

  • Coaching - this is a one day 'activator' course (similar to a 'Level 1' Coach Support Worker course) that will cover the basics of helping a qualified coach to run a session with a focus on how to organise children to train with enjoyably but safely
  • First aid - this course is very interesting and a great life skill - you will learn life-saving skills such as putting an unconscious person in the recovery position, how to perform CPR and how to apply a defibrilator
  • Scoring - gain confidence in a skill that is an essential for any player as he/she moves into playing senior cricket
  • Umpiring - again, gain confidence in a skill that is an essential for any player as he/she moves into playing senior cricket
  • Grounds maintenance - a primer in how cricket grounds are looked after

In addition to attending sessions to learn about the above, players are required to do a minimum of 20 hours of volunteering. In 2018, the most popular forms of volunteering were grounds and facilities maintenance as part of CricketForce (which happens at Easter) and then volunteering as a support coach with the younger juniors.

Video and further information about the programme

Introductory video

PDF of slides introducing the programme

How do players sign-up?

Players and a parents are required to attend an initial kick-off meetings, at which the programme will be fully explained by one of the main organisers of the programme as well as volunteers who were involved in helping run the programme at SMCC and/or Dulwich CC in 2018.

In 2019 we are again joining up with Dulwich Cricket Club and also Alleyn School to run the kick-off sessions and also some of the training sessions.

The kick-off meetings in 2019 (you'll need to attend one of the two):

  1. 7pm Fri 15th Feb at Dulwich Cricket Club clubhouse
  2. New date TBC - a smaller gathering of SMCC parents/players only at a local venue (contact

Programme cost

The course will cost £40. Players are asked to raise an additional £40 to contribute to the running of the programme (in 2018, our Young Leaders mainly did this last year by helping to run fundraising activities at our annual family fun and awards day).

What happens after the course?

In 2018, all of the players who undertook the Young Leaders course went on to be paid support coaches at the club, helping to coach the younger children during the summer term and at summer camps. While we cannot promise this will necessarily be the case each year, we will certainly aim to provide such opportunities.

At the end of the course, all of the Young Leaders were invited to a celebratory evening at Lord's Cricket Ground, which was attended by hundreds of Young Leaders from across the region.

Who runs the programme? Do they make money from it?

The Young Leaders programme is run by two amazing volunteers named Chris and Andy, who started the whole programme a few short years ago. They dedicate many, many hours per year to organising and running the programme - not for profit; just for the love of seeing teenage cricketers enjoy learning new skills, having the opportunity to give something back to their clubs and communities, and to feel confident about the transition into senior cricket.