TeamStuff (how to use)

What is TeamStuff?

TeamStuff is the free online service (website and smartphone app) that we use for you to:

  • View details of your child's fixtures (date & time, location and any special info such as where to park)
  • Set your child's availability for each game
  • Receive notifications when details of games are changed from other parents who help run the club as a whole or who help to run a team

Setting up

How do I create an account and get into the right team

After you've paid your fees (at least initial instalment) for the summer term, you'll be sent an invite to join the team. It will go to your primary email address (the one you mainly use to contact the club). Follow the link in the email. If you can't find the email, you can ask a team manager or admin to resend it.

Setting up parent and child profiles

Be sure to select the option to set up profiles for yourself and your child(ren). If you get this wrong, you may need an admin to we may need to delete your account and send you a new invite.

Should I add photos and contact details?

Yes, please.

Adding a photo of yourself and of your child(ren) as this will make it much easier for the other parents acting as team managers to match names to faces when picking teams.

Adding your contact details will make them available to other parents in your child's team, which is very helpful because although we also have What's App groups, it may not be easy to match names to phone numbers in those groups. Sharing your contact details will ensure that there are always multiple people in the team who can contact you should there be any need to do so. Please enter your email address as well as your mobile number.

Can I add a second parent?

Yes. How to add a second parent to a child is explained here.

Viewing fixtures, setting match availability and being 'rostered off' (not selected to play) by a team manager

1. On a smartphone, open the menu on the left (shown below), and select a team...

2. Select the calendar icon in the middle to view fixtures for your team (shown below), then select a match...

3. You will see information about the match (day, time, location and additional details. At the bottom you will see your player(s) and their current status (shown here as 'maybe'). Select the status to change it...

4. Set the availability status of your child.

Maybe (amber) = not set yet

Coming (green) = available

Not coming (red) = not available

Rostered off (grey) = was set to available by parent, but there were more players available than places available, and the team manager has decided your child will not play in this match.

The 'rostered off' status is helpful in the case of needing a late replacement, and for looking back on previous matches and the season as a whole to see how many players were available per match. We will use this data to guide the limits we put on squad sizes for future years.

What can team managers do in TeamStuff

Parents who have volunteered to help organise and run matches are known as 'team managers'. When a parent is set (by the admin) to 'manager' status, he or she can do the following:

  • Edit match details (dates, times, venues and other details)
  • Edit availability of all players in the team (normally team managers should only use this to 'roster off' unselected players) per match
  • Send messages to the team (though What's App is often a better option)

Where can I find more help on how to use TeamStuff?

TeamStuff help is in the TeamStuff Knowledge Base. Please check this before asking the SMCC admin for help.

There are also lots of 'how to' videos in TeamStuff's Youtube Channel.

Is TeamStuff really free?

Yes,. You can optionally upgrade for £5 to the 'pro' version for improved features, but this is not necessary. If teams use TeamStuff to collect money, the app developers make some money per transaction. We're not currently using it in this way.

Why do we also use What's App?

What's App is easier for general communication. We have a group for each team and also groups for team managers and for the social committee. About 95% of parents are already on What's App and are familiar with how to use it for messaging.