Surrey, Kent & London Schools (LSCA)

Two of our Under 15s are pictured here on tour in South Africa - as tweeted by London Schools Cricket Association, October 2017

Do you put forward players to be assessed for county, district and other regional sides?

Yes, if our coaching staff and team managers think they are of the required standard and parents wish them to be put forward, we nominate players for trials (both boys and girls) with Surrey and London Schools' Cricket Association. Players who live in or attend a school in Lewisham or Greenwich are also eligible to trial at Kent's district teams. Parents can self-nominate players for the Kent district trials.

Over the last few years, around 5% have typically been in Surrey, Kent of LSCA performance squads.

If your player wants to know what it takes to get picked by either Surrey or London Schools, you might want to take a look at Surrey's 'What we look for' page.

In considering who to nominate, we're looking for players with a combination of the following:

  • Highly passionate and enthusiastic about the game

  • Exceptional cricket skills - batting, bowling and fielding

  • Understanding the rules and good tactical understanding of the game

  • Desire to learn quickly and become a better and better player (both through coaching and self-improvement)

  • Mental resilience and love of competing to win

  • Good team-mate; helps get the most out of others as well as themselves

  • Good fitness and athleticism*

*Surrey make it clear that in the younger age-groups, they are more interested in skills than the ability to bowl particularly quickly or to hit the ball particularly hard, but they are looking for athleticism.