COVID-19 risk mitigation

2021 and Covid-19

Once the government gives the go-ahead for junior outdoor sport to resume, we expect Sport England to work with the ECB to agree and issue updated guidance. At present, we are expecting the same Covid-Secure measures to be used in 2021 that were used in 2020.

COVID-19 match risk assessment and mitigation

As a club, we take our responsibilities regarding the mitigation of the COVID-19 pandemic risk very seriously. We expect all members to observe the government and ECB's guidelines.

Our juniors are already accustomed to risk-reduction

Junior players and parents have already been attending several weeks of socially distanced and hygiene-enhanced training sessions. We have implemented measures that are fully compliant with guidelines, including:

  • information send out in advance and posted on our website explains our risk mitigation policies to parents and players in advance

  • signage throughout the club, including nets training areas serves as a constant reminder of policies

  • coaches explain to parents and junior players verbally what the policies during sessions

  • reduced groups sizes to 5 children + 1 coach (no mixing of groups)

  • ensuring hands are sanitised on arrival

  • requiring all juniors to have their own cricket equipment and preventing the sharing of equipment (or sanitising it before re-use in cases where a player had, for example, forgotten to bring a bat)

  • keeping players and parents apart by 2m at all times, including waiting before the session

  • using separate entry and exit routes

  • all indoor areas being closed except for toilets (one in, one out)

  • 'touch your own ball only' policy (though guidance has now changed to allow this)

Our junior players and parents are now well accustomed to training in this risk-reduced manner.

Our juniors will continue to attend our professionally coached training sessions each week through to September. Training sessions will start to include match-play situations. Coaches and club officials will be continually reinforcing the guidelines so that they become second nature for players and parents.

How we are mitigating risk at matches

On the weekend of 11/12 July, we resumed matches at our home ground.

Players and parents were under instruction to follow the latest guidance (see summary below). The guidance has been issued to all parents by both email and WhatsApp.

We make the guidance easy to find on our websites and we are using email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to reinforce these messages on a regular basis.

Rules are also being conveyed verbally at cricket sessions by club officials and the parents who volunteer as team managers.

At our home ground, we have extensive and highly visible signage in place to act as a constant reminder of the guidelines.

We are providing team managers with 70% alcohol gel hand sanitiser and virus-killing anti-microbial wipes for the cleaning of balls, as per the ECB's guidance. We have provided these hygiene products to multiple parents per squad, to ensure that these will be available for use at every match.

Team managers know to ensure that players and umpires sanitise their hands and the ball at least every 6 overs or 20 minutes, as per the guidelines, and club officials ensured that this happened on our first weekend of matches in order to get everyone used to the process.

One of the parents who helps to run our junior section is a doctor who is working on COVID-19 wards, and as well as following the government and ECB's guidelines, we also take advice from this parent - for example on the purchasing of the most effective sanitisation products.

We are also reminding parents to bring their own hand sanitiser for use before and after touching anything other that their own personal items.

Players and players will be expected to continue with the guidelines that they are now familiar with from training, such as staying away if they have any symptoms, not sharing equipment, and ensuring that parents watching matches practice social distancing at all times.

We will continue to remind parents and players of the need to mitigate risks for themselves, opposition players and any any other users of the grounds that we play at.

Summary of the ECB's match-play guidelines

Please see below regarding COVID-19 guidelines that we all need to follow (more detailed guidelines are also available).

Summary of guidelines for social distancing and enhanced hygiene during matches.