COVID-19 bar opening

2021 and Covid-19

Once the government gives the go-ahead for junior outdoor sport to resume, we expect Sport England to work with the ECB to agree and issue updated guidance. At present, we are expecting the same Covid-Secure measures to be used in 2021 that were used in 2020.

SMCC COVID-19 bar management policy

1 July 2020

In accordance with Government guidelines, the SMCC bar will open from 4 July. In order to comply with the guidelines, we have set up the following rules. If these are not adhered to, we will have no other choice than to close the bar again.

  • Use the hand sanitiser available when entering the building

  • One person at a time in the bar

  • Contactless payments only, no cash

  • When queueing and when approaching the bar, maintain social distancing

  • Follow the one-way route when inside

  • No buying of rounds: only buy a drink for yourself (or your household)

  • Everyone must give their name in the register at the bar before buying their drink. Any guests must also give their name and say which SMCC member they have come with

  • No seating indoors

  • When sitting outdoors: wipe down any chairs before and after use, and put the chair away after use

  • Outdoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households (or support bubbles), or a group of at most six people from any number of households

  • Women’s toilets in pavilion: only 1 person at a time

  • Men’s toilets in St Gabriel’s (the smaller building): 1 person in away changing room bathroom and 1 person in home changing room bathroom

  • Use hand sanitiser before entering the bathroom and wash your hands with soap when leaving

  • There will be no draught beer: bottled / canned beer only. Wine can only be bought by the bottle

  • Dispose of your bottles, cans, cups and any other litter in the bins provided as soon as you have finished them – do not leave them for someone else to pick up

  • Do not seek shelter indoors if it rains: we will close the bar if it starts raining so bring your own umbrellas. We will not open the bar if the forecast is bad; this will be updated on the club’s Facebook page

  • Opening times: during afternoon junior and senior training sessions

  • The use of masks is encouraged but not made mandatory

At all times: keep socially distant, use hand sanitiser, adhere to the rules, and listen to club officials.

Please make sure everyone follows the rules so that we can keep the bar open.