What you need to pay and when

There is no annual membership fee. Each period of our cricketing year (indoor, summer season and summer camp) can be paid for separately. You are not obliged to book into all of these, though naturally the more players train, the better they, and their teams, will become, and the more they will probably enjoy their cricket.

Although there is no annual membership, players must be registered before taking part in any cricket session. We do this in our online registration & payment system, PaySubsOnline (which will soon be rebranded as Love Admin).

Costs in 2020/21

Winter & spring indoor training costs

Winter & Spring indoor training for years 1-7 - Is £130 for a course of 10 x 1 hour sessions or £195 for a course of 10 x 90 minute sessions. There are no sibling discounts for indoor training.

Summer season costs (2021)

The following fees are for the summer of 2021. This year, prices have been frozen the same as they were in 2020.

Summer term (April-July) - There is a single fee covering training, matches and access to the grounds to use nets. We do not have any match fees. The fees are as follows:

    • School year Reception: £95

    • School year 1: £95

    • School year 2: £95

    • School year 3: £155

    • School year 4: £155

    • School year 5: £155

    • School year 6: £155

    • School year 7: £155

    • School year 8: £155

    • School year 9: £140

    • School year 10: £140

    • School year 11+: £75

Sibling discounts: Our online payment system (Love Admin) does not enable us to process sibling discounts, however, you will instead get the equivalent value back in the form of a 'bar tab' for £30 per child (after the first) which can be used to purchase drinks, food or anything else that is available for purchase from the bar at the clubhouse.

On training nights during the summer season, you may also want to further support the club by buying some food from the barbecue and some drinks at the bar.

There is normally a small charge in the region of £1-5 for special social events such as the trip to watch a T20 match at the Oval and awards evening at the end of the season.

You are not obliged to buy club kit, but club kit is very popular and nearly all parents buy it. In 2018 and 2019, club kit was available to be bought at the club on selected training evening, and we currently expect to do the same in 2020.

Summer camp costs

  • Summer camps (during the summer holidays) - prices for 2020 will be confirmed in due course , but in 2020 it was approximately £45/day (9am-3pm) with discounts for booking multiple days. There are no sibling discounts for summer camps.

Joining mid-way through a course or season

Players joining any period mid-way though will pay on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the period or course only.

New players can join at any time, as long as we have space. If you want your child to attend a taster session, we will be happy for you to do so where we have space available. If your child doesn't enjoy it and doesn't wish to continue, then you won't owe the club anything. If your child does wish to continue, we ask you to pay for the sessions already attended. We find that the majority of kids trying cricket with us love it and want to continue.

Is there any help for low-income families?

Yes. SMCC is proud of our "ability to pay is not a barrier to play" policy. If you have a player who wants to play but you genuinely will have difficulty with these fees, please let us know of your circumstances and we will be happy to discuss an affordable fee Please don't be shy about asking.

Please note that for indoor training and the summer season, it is also possible to set up monthly instalments when you pay in PaySubsOnline (soon rebranding as Love Admin).

How do our fees compare to other local cricket clubs?

In 2018, we benchmarked our fees against around 20 other local clubs. Some clubs charge separate membership and training fees. Some clubs charge match fees in addition to membership. Some clubs require that you buy club branded kit. Some clubs do not offer sibling discounts. But on the whole, our prices were around average for the region, and we expect that is still the case.

Juniors playing in open-age (adult) matches paid £6 match fees in 2020, which is half of the standard adult match fee. This pays for the food and drinks are provided during the tea interval.

How is the money used?

We are a non-profit Community Amateur Sports Club (similar to a charity).

The fees we charge are just enough to play for coaching and to make a proportionate contribution to the running and upkeep of the club.

Nearly all of the running of the club is done by members volunteering their time, but the club has outgoings of around £150,000 per year.

The junior section, after paying for its own costs, typically contributes around £15-20,000 to the general upkeep of the club. This covers the juniors' share of ground rent, grounds maintenance, building maintenance, insurance, utility bills and so on.

Finances are reviewed several times per year by the club's Executive Board, on which the juniors have two representatives. Accounts are published annually as part of the club's Annual General Meeting, and in line with ECB ClubMark guidelines, our accounts are also checked each year by a qualified accountant.