SMCC indoor cricket courses - Autumn term 2020 & Spring term 2021


360 Cricket are now refunding parents for the portion of the 2020 autumn term indoor courses that it was not possible to complete. Please contact 360 Cricket with any enquiries.

A soft-ball training session (2018/19).

Girls sessions are aimed at girls only, but girls may book into any age-appropriate course.

Please note that in the summer term, boys squads play hard-ball from year 5 up, whereas girls squads play hard-ball from year 7 up. This is not a club policy; it is because of the leagues available in our region. Having consulted with players and parents, the preference has been for girls to play in girl-only leagues, and they are all soft-ball up to year 6.

2020/21 SMCC indoor training details


Forest Hill School Sports Hall (Forest Hill Community Sports Centre) (Monday, Wednesday and Friday sessions)

Forest Hill, London, SE23 2XX (view location on Google Maps)

There is parking on various nearby streets.

Charter School East Dulwich (Thursday sessions)

Entrance is opposite this address: 105 E Dulwich Grove, London, SE22 8PU (view location on Google Maps). Please note that Google Maps also shows another entry point on Melbourne Grove/Jarvis Road, which is not the right entrance.

There is no parking at the school. The small car park in front of the entrance is not for our use. Free parking is on various nearby streets.

Please note that there are two Charter Schools in Dulwich. Our sessions are at Charter East Dulwich (the new school) not Charter North Dulwich (original Charter school).

Autumn term dates (now carried over into Spring term)

These courses have a 10 week duration.

Courses were originally planned to start in the week commencing Monday 5th Oct 2020 and to end in the week ending Fri 11th Dec 2020. Due to the lockdown, remaining sessions have been carried over into the Spring term.

Sessions restart in the week commencing Mon 4th January 2021 [UPDATE: COMMENCEMENT IS NOW ON HOLD WHILE LONDON IS IN TIER 4]

Monday and Wednesday courses have 5 sessions remaining, so will run up to Wed 3rd Feb.

Thursday and Friday sessions have 6 sessions remaining, so will run up to Fri 12th Feb.

If you are happy with this solution, no further action is required - 360 Cricket will assume that you are happy for your child to continue with the coaching sessions in the new year.

The other option that they can offer is a refund on the outstanding coaching sessions. Please be aware that if you choose this option then it will make your child’s place available for others to book onto.

If you have any questions please email

Spring term course dates

To be confirmed nearer the time, but likely to be shorter courses starting mid-February and finishing in March with a similar or the same timetable.

A hard-ball training session (2018/19).

Equipment required

All sessions

Wear any clothing suitable for sport, ideally clothing that covers knees and elbows. Clothing for training does not have to be cricket whites, though many players do like to wear these if they have them.

Bring a bottle of water.

All items should be clearly labelled with the players's name. Please check carefully at end of session that your child has not left any items behind.

Soft ball

Main type of ball used is a cricket-specific "incrediball". Tennis balls and wind balls may also be used, depending on the activity.

Players must bring their own bat. Protective kit not required but some players like to bring & wear their own batting gloves.

Hard ball

Main type of call used a hard junior leather cricket ball (school years 5-8) or adult sized leather cricket ball (years 9+). Soft balls such as tennis balls will often also be used for some activities.

Bring own balls, bats and full protective kit (well fitting helmet with no missing parts, leg pads, gloves and abdo-guard) to all sessions.

Important note for new players about summer term places

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee a place in the upcoming summer term for all new players who book into one of our autumn or spring term courses. Summer term places are limited. They are initially bookable by parents of players who played the previous summer term. Remaining places are then available to parents of players who have booked into our autumn or spring courses this year, but on a first come, first serve basis until squads are full.

Cricket is not a risk-free activity

By booking with 360 Cricket you are accepting that there is a risk of injury to your child while taking part in cricket.

Covid-19 risk mitigation

The ECB released new guidance for indoor cricket in Dec 2020. Please ensure you and your children are familiar with the summary below before booking and attending our training sessions.

We expect players and parents to adhere strictly to Covid-19 guidelines.

  • Do not attend if anyone in your household has symptoms

  • Parents will not be allowed to watch; sessions will be drop-off and pick-up only.

  • Parents must wear a face covering.

  • No congregating indoors.

  • Players much bring their own equipment (if taster session, email us for details).

  • Players must know to maintain a 2m distance during sessions.

  • Parents and players must clean or sanitise hands regularly (sanitiser will be provided by coaches during sessions).

  • Please download and use the NHS Covid-19 mobile app.

Taster sessions

If you are new to the club and would like to try a session before committing, please contact 360 Cricket to request a free taster session. Let them know the session you want your child to join and the dates you can attend.

We do not hold any places. All bookings are on a 'first paid first served' basis. If there are spaces left on the course after your taster session, then you can book in to the remainder of the course.

If the course if full, you can still attend a session with a view to booking future sessions.

You do not need to have full protective kit for a hard-ball taster session. Coaches will facilitate the borrowing of kit if necessary. Please note that we cannot guarantee the safety of borrowed kit such as helmets, however.

Low income parents

SMCC as a club has an "ability to pay is not a barrier to play" policy. We don't want being on a low income to make it impossible for any child to play cricket. If you are on a low income and would like to request fees that are more affordable to your circumstances, please contact us (

If paying in a single instalment will be difficult for you, please contact 360 Cricket to request payment in 2 instalments and they will be happy to provide this option.

Separated parents

If you are only able to bring a child every other week (or similar) we will be happy for your child to attend only those sessions and for the fee to be reduced accordingly. Please contact 360 Cricket to arrange this.

Sharing of data between SMCC and 360 Cricket

Please be aware that when booking with 360 Cricket, some of your data will be shared with the club for the purposes of us running junior cricket and keeping you informed of junior cricket at the club. Read more on our Data Protection page.

Sport age-groups

Sport age-groups are based on the age of the child at the beginning of the school year on 31st August.

What is a typical indoor training session like?

Training sessions generally follow the ECB’s recommended best practice, for example for a session for young beginners might look like this:

  1. Short, highly active warm-up (for example,. a team-based throwing/catching game)

  2. Focused demonstration and practice on learning and practising 1-2 particular skills (for example, driving at a ball placed on a tee)

  3. Using the skill in a more varied, more game-like, but still controlled practice activity (for example, players work in pairs; one feeds the ball for the other to practice driving)

  4. Match-like activity (for example, two teams playing competitive ‘tip and run’ cricket with bonus runs for hitting the ball straight)

  5. Cool-down and recap/evaluation talk from coach

However, sessions tend to be tailored to the needs of the players attending, and are varied in format to keep them interesting. Our coaches also keep up with the latest developments in coaching best practices and have recently been moving towards running more game-based learning than skills drills.

What skills will players learn at indoor training?

Both indoor and outdoor training will cover core all skills and will incorporate game-based practice. Even in the youngest age groups, we aim to teach all of the players a full range of cricket skills. Coaches will usually focus on one or two key skills per session, gradually covering a full range of skills over the course. New players also pick up much of their understanding of the game by watching and copying their more experienced squad-mates. Of course, the more cricket that players play, the more skilled they will become. Cricket is a fairly easy game to learn, but usually takes years to master.

Will courses be cancelled if there are not many players booked into a course? Can I book mid-way through a course?

All courses will run.

We expect to continue to take bookings during the courses. If you are joining mid-way through a course, you need to pay only for remaining sessions.

One of our lead coaches holding an end of session recap with one of our winter training groups.

Our coaching partners, 360 Cricket

360 Cricket is owned and run by Robbie Gunn and Lloyd Edwards - two very experienced junior cricket coaches. 2020 will be our fourth year of working with Robbie and we're delighted to see 360 Cricket continue to grow and provide an increasingly excellent coaching programme year on year.

Robbie and Lloyd have worked as professional cricket coaches at various clubs and schools for many years. Robbie has led Surrey's Pride Of Lions courses and has coached a pro-am T20 franchise team that included England players Monty Panesar and Liam Dawson. Lloyd is a qualified PE teachers who has worked in schools for several years. Robbie and Lloyd both playing in the Surrey Championship Premier Division - the highest level of club cricket in the Surrey area.

360 Cricket bring with them a number of great coaches, several of whom have played and/or coached at county level, some who are multi-sports coaches in schools. 360 Cricket are also great at involving some of our parents and Young Leaders who assist with coaching.

We plan for a maximum coach:player ratio of around 1:7 when all players booked into a course are attending, but typically some sessions are not full and a few players are missing per session, so the ratio is often closer to 1:5 on average across all sessions.

Free training for players at state schools in year 6-10 at MCC Foundation Hubs

If your child attends a state school and is in years 6-10, we recommend you try to get a place on one of two local MCC Foundation Hub training courses, which are free of charge.