MCCF Hub at Dulwich College (2021)

We do not yet have details of the MCCF Hubs for 2022

Below are details for last year, to give you an idea of what to expect in 2022. We will update this page and inform parents when we have details of the spring 2022 courses.

Please note that there are also two other local MCCF Hubs:

Note on SMCC training

Please note that we run our own indoor training through the Autumn and Spring terms. However, if your child goes to a state school, we highly recommend that you try to get them into one of the MCC Foundation Hub training courses (details below), because they are very well run and are completely free.

MCC Foundation Hubs - free training for state-school players in years 6-10

Marylebone Cricket Club Foundation each year provides free training to state-school educated children (girls and boys) in school years 6-10. There are over 60 Hubs across the UK.

All coaching is provided completely free of charge, funded by generous donors (private individuals and other charities) who wish to ensure that state-educated pupils are offered the same opportunities to play cricket to a high standard as their peers in independent schools.

Many of our players (girls and boys) have attended MCCF Hub training in over the last few years and have said the quality of the coaching has been very good. This year, the head coach for both Dulwich College Hubs is again Simon Talbot, former head coach of Surrey's Junior Performance Programme. We've seen Simon in action. He is a great coach who both makes sessions both fun and highly productive.

Who is eligible?

Players must be attending a state school and be in school years 6-10. The Hubs are open to girls and boys. Several of our girls have attended in previous years and have very much enjoyed it and have developed their skills substantially. We would very much encourage more of our girls to attend. Players need to have played at least a little cricket before and be comfortable going straight in to training with hard balls. Players in year 6 in particular will need to show strong talent in order to be accepted. Players will need to bring their own set of cricket kit. Players need to be willing and able to commit to attending all sessions.

Please note that the flyer says "11-15 years" but we have confirmed with Simon Talbot in previous years this means the Hub is open to players in school years 6-10.

Trial on Sun 10th Jan 2021

For the courses run in Spring 2020, a trial at which players will be assessed for suitability to take part in the Hubs on Sunday 10th January 2020 (normally at the same times as the training - see below).

Dates and times

Sessions will be on Sunday evenings 18:00-19:30 for year 6-8s and 19:30-21:00 for years 9-10 and will run from 17th January to 28th March.

Number of places available

In 2021, approximately the following number of spaces were available (Hub manager might adjust this depending on demand):

  • Dulwich College: 48 players per day (24 players per 1.5h session)

Based on previous years, we expect that there will probably be a few more players attending trials than there are spaces available, and places will be allocated to the players judged to be showing the most potential. We think that the majority of our players attending the trial are likely to be offered a place, but not all.


Email the Hub Manager, Simon Talbot:

Venue - Dulwich College